The Way You Sleep With Other People Says Something About Your Personality

Anyone who has ever fallen asleep next to a significant other can understand how personal it can really get.
The Times of India lists six different sleeping styles that have psychologically different meanings:
  • In each other’s arms :  This is a sign that the couple is new to each other, but rarely do couples continue to sleep in each other’s arms longer than a year.
  • Looks like spoons: This is where partners face the same direction and lie on the same side — one behind the other. This demonstrates intimacy and affection.
  • Apart, but under the same blanket: Despite the fact that this duo is not touching, this sleeping style resembles comfortability in the relationship — that they can be separated, but still confident in one another.
  • Arm around the other: This one differs depending on who has the arm around the other. For men it demonstrates protection and for women it demonstrates nurturing.
  • Bottoms touching: This paired sleeping style represents a couple who wants to sleep separately and face the opposite direction — still, it demonstrates that they want to stay connected. Bottoms touching shows intimacy, and also shows security in their own space.
  • “Move over”: This is when when one of the individual’s in a relationship moves the other over, taking up a bigger portion of the bed. This usually happens in ‘deep sleep’, but represents an imbalance of power in the relationship.
Most of these sleeping positions reveal positive characteristics about relationships — as they should.  Sleeping with a partner is usually a very personal experience and has in more intrinsic value than the idea of simply dozing off next to someone.  Sleeping positions can be a solid reflection of how a couple truly feels about each other, but it is speculative, not all relationships are the same.  Some couples don’t even sleep in the same bed.
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