‘Use Rest’: ‘Pokémon Sleep’ mobile game will track your sleeping habits

‘Use Rest’: ‘Pokémon Sleep’ mobile game will track your sleeping habits‘Use Rest’: ‘Pokémon Sleep’ mobile game will track your sleeping habits
via The Pokémon Company
Daniel Anderson
February 28, 2023
The Pokémon Company has revealed its first trailers for the highly anticipated “Pokémon Sleep” mobile game. 
Initially announced in 2019, fans got an update about the project during the Pokémon Day livestream on Monday with two detailed trailers that showcase its features. 
“Pokémon Sleep” is a sleep-tracking app and game rolled into one where players engage with Pokémon in the app by sleeping.
The app encourages different kinds of sleep, with the tracker measuring and analyzing each player’s sleep patterns and categorizing them into three types: dozing, snoozing and slumbering. 
The sleeping types will determine what kind of Pokémon you’ll attract.
An objective in the game will be to help Professor Neroli research other in-game sleep styles of Pokémon, as can be seen with a Slowpoke resting in a goofy sleep style and a Totodile with its one-eyed sleep style. 
Released in conjunction with the game is the Pokémon Go Plus + device.” 
The device is a new version of the “Pokémon Go” companion that can also be used as a sleep tracker for “Pokémon Sleep.” However, the device is not a necessity as “Pokémon Sleep” can be played on smartphones and is slated to release for iOS and Android. 
An official release date for “Pokémon Sleep” has not yet been announced.

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