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Gay AAPI lawmaker reportedly removed as committee chair as ‘revenge,’ replaced with straight white male

California Assemblymember Evan Low

In an alleged act of “revenge,” California Assemblymember Evan Low, an openly gay Democrat representing Silicon Valley, was removed as chair of a key legislative committee and subsequently replaced by a straight white male colleague.

What happened: Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon removed Low as chair of the Committee on Business and Professions, a post the Campbell native had held in the last five years. Rendon has not released an official explanation, but a source reportedly claimed that the decision was made out of spite.

Silicon Valley investor steps down from company’s board after leaked email showed her calling BLM ‘the true racists’

Silicon Valley Investor Veronica Wu

Less than a week after a leaked email showed her dismissal of the Black Lives Matter movement, a prominent Asian American investor in Silicon Valley has stepped down from her company’s board of directors.

Veronica Wu served as a board member at VF Corporation, one of the world’s largest apparel companies which oversees brands such as Dickies, Supreme, The North Face, Timberland and Vans. She was elected in March 2019 and was assigned to two committees: finance and nominating and governance.

Startup Founders Discover Innovative New Way to Recycle Plastic

Meet Jeanny Yao and Miranda Wang, the co-founders of Silicon Valley startup BioCellection, a company that seeks to improve plastic recycling by turning them into compounds for making clothing material and other consumer goods.

Yao and Wang’s journey to recycling began when they were teenagers in high school. As part of their recycling club in Vancouver, Canada the duo collected bottles on beaches and attended tours at waste-processing plants.

Meet the ‘Crazy Rich Asian’ Teaching Others ‘How to American’

I was first introduced to Jimmy O. Yang after seeing him on HBO’s “Silicon Valley” where he plays Jian-Yang, a Chinese app developer struggling to immerse himself in American culture while creating groundbreaking apps, like the infamous Not Hotdog app.

Yang’s character instantly became my favorite, and I laughed as he outshined his co-stars with his personality. In one scene, Jian-Yang gets confused and physically looks up after being asked, “What’s up?”

Silicon Valley Startup is Now Selling a Drink to Make You ‘Super Human’

A Silicon Valley startup is now selling what it believes is the fourth type of fuel for humans, casting carbohydrates, proteins and fats aside.

HVMN, pronounced as “human,” launched its newest product on Nov. 6: a 2.2-ounce vial of ketone ester called “Ketone.” For $33, it supposedly improves athletic performance and concentration to make you more “super”.

Uber Investor Files Lawsuit After Being Accused of Rape in London Penthouse

Shervin Pishevar, a prominent Silicon Valley venture capitalist and an early investor of Uber, is suing Definers Public Affairs and two of its executives on Monday, accusing them of covert smear campaign against him.

In the lawsuit filed in a California court, Pishevar alleges that the Republican-led research firm based in San Francisco spread false and disparaging information about him, including being a Russian government agent and that he paid money to settle a claim for sexual assault in London.

Another VC With Yellow Fever Accused of Sexually Harassing Asian Woman

In a recent post, TechCrunch writer Catherine Shu went into detail in describing an incident involving 500 Startups Venture Partner Tristan Pollock who allegedly sexually harassed her two years ago.

The article, published yesterday (July 20), comes just a few weeks after another 500 Startups exec, co-founder Dave McClure, was forced to resign amid a mounting number of sexual harassment claims against him.