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Woman loses $300,000 worth of bitcoin to person who posed as a Chinese architect on dating app Hinge

  • Tho Vu, 33, lost about $300,000 worth of bitcoin after being scammed by her Hinge match.
  • The scammer, who went by the name Ze Zhao, earned her trust by promising her a honeymoon and a new life together.
  • According to Vu, she deposited her bitcoin into the digital wallet that the man gave her.
  • The digital wallet turned out to be owned by Ze, who disappeared soon after receiving Vu’s payment.

A woman lost almost her entire savings after getting scammed by a man she met on dating platform Hinge. 

Tho Vu, 33, thought she found romance on the platform when she was matched with a man who claimed to be a Chinese architect living in Maryland, reported the New York Times

Chinese student loses NFT worth $548,000 after clicking on a scam link

  • A fourth-year student at Shanghai’s Tongji University posted on Discord that he had lost a valuable NFT from the Doodles collective that was worth half of his NFT assets to a phishing scam.
  • The NFT that belonged to Niq Chen is worth around $548,000, based on the $1.1 million paid by collector Pranksy for a different Doodles NFT.
  • OpenSea, a NFT marketplace, had 17 users fall victim to phishing scams that stole around $1.7 million total in NFTs.
  • Upon request, OpenSea froze the stolen NFT, and Chen is hoping to work out a deal with the buyer in order to retrieve his assets.

A senior at Shanghai’s Tongji University, Niq Chen, had a valuable NFT worth about $548,000 stolen after falling for a phishing scam.

According to South China Morning Post, Chen went “all in” buying non-fungible tokens (NFT) before recently losing about half of his assets to a phishing scam. The stolen NFT was bought from the Doodles collective NFT project and was worth $548,000. 

Scammers steal $3.3 million by pulling rug from under ‘Squid Game’ cryptocurrency investors

squid game cryptocurrency scam

Within days of launching, SQUID coin was shuttered and its creators made away with millions, suggesting it was a cryptocurrency scam known as a “rug pull.”

Rise in popularity: Although unaffiliated with the hit Korean Netflix show “Squid Game,” the cryptocurrency took advantage of its namesake’s popularity to convince more than 40,000 people to invest.

‘Pastor’ in Little Saigon Pleads Guilty in $33 Million Investment Scam

Church scam

The co-founder of the Church of the Healthy Self located in a strip mall in the Little Saigon area of Westminster, California has pleaded guilty in a $33 million fraud case.

Kent R.E. Whitney, 37, of Newport Beach, agreed on April 15 to plead guilty to mail fraud and filing a false income tax return, a federal prosecutor announced on April 17, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported.

Teen Dies of Heart Attack After Suicide Attempt from Failing College Entrance Exam, Getting Scammed

A teenager from Bohol province, Philippines died from a heart attack after failing her college entrance exam and getting duped out of thousands of Philippine pesos.

Camiel Ann Humol, a 19-year-old resident of Barangay Santo Tomas in Trinidad town, Bohol died on June 1 after she was rushed into the hospital for cutting herself in an apparent suicide attempt, Filipino Times reported.

Malaysian Man Who ‘Lost’ His iPhone Every Year for 5 Years A‌rre‌ste‌d By P‌oli‌c‌e

phone scam

A Malaysian man who suspiciously ‘loses’ his iPhone every year was recently ar‌res‌t‌ed after local aut‌hor‌itie‌s uncovered his fraud‌ulent money-making scheme.

The 34-year-old marketing manager from Bukit Mertajam in Penang had reportedly been making false p‌oli‌ce reports that his iPhone gets ‘st‌ole‌n’ to claim insurance money.

According to Free Malaysia Today, the unnamed suspect has been filing his fake complaints since 2013. His most recent attempt got the attention of inve‌stig‌ators on Saturday.