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‘Pastor’ in Little Saigon Pleads Guilty in $33 Million Investment Scam

Church scam

The co-founder of the Church of the Healthy Self located in a strip mall in the Little Saigon area of Westminster, California has pleaded guilty in a $33 million fraud case.

Kent R.E. Whitney, 37, of Newport Beach, agreed on April 15 to plead guilty to mail fraud and filing a false income tax return, a federal prosecutor announced on April 17, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported.

Teen Dies of Heart Attack After Suicide Attempt from Failing College Entrance Exam, Getting Scammed

A teenager from Bohol province, Philippines died from a heart attack after failing her college entrance exam and getting duped out of thousands of Philippine pesos.

Camiel Ann Humol, a 19-year-old resident of Barangay Santo Tomas in Trinidad town, Bohol died on June 1 after she was rushed into the hospital for cutting herself in an apparent suicide attempt, Filipino Times reported.

Malaysian Man Who ‘Lost’ His iPhone Every Year for 5 Years A‌rre‌ste‌d By P‌oli‌c‌e

phone scam

A Malaysian man who suspiciously ‘loses’ his iPhone every year was recently ar‌res‌t‌ed after local aut‌hor‌itie‌s uncovered his fraud‌ulent money-making scheme.

The 34-year-old marketing manager from Bukit Mertajam in Penang had reportedly been making false p‌oli‌ce reports that his iPhone gets ‘st‌ole‌n’ to claim insurance money.

According to Free Malaysia Today, the unnamed suspect has been filing his fake complaints since 2013. His most recent attempt got the attention of inve‌stig‌ators on Saturday.

HK Woman Reportedly Tricked Into Marrying a Stranger After Applying For Wedding Planner Job in China

A woman from Hong Kong was reportedly tricked into marrying a total stranger in mainland China while she was training to work as a wedding planner.

According to the unnamed 21-year-old, she was asked to participate in a mock wedding where she thought she was merely acting as a fake bride. She would later discover that the marriage was actually legally binding, South China Morning Post reports. 

Korean American Mom Expertly Trolls Annoying IRS Scammer

Internal Revenue Service (IRS) phone scams have long been pestering many Americans, victimizing unsuspecting citizens, including recent immigrants, of their hard-earned money by pretending to be officials from the agency.  

And while a lot of people have become aware of such scams in recent years, there are still many scammers who still get away with duping people by successfully intimidating their victims or winning their trust.