Delhi cop suspended for taking ‘fine’ money from Korean YouTuber without receipt

Delhi cop suspended for taking ‘fine’ money from Korean YouTuber without receiptDelhi cop suspended for taking ‘fine’ money from Korean YouTuber without receipt
An Indian traffic officer has been suspended after he was caught on camera giving a Korean national driving through Delhi a fine and taking his money without handing him an official receipt.
Key details: Although the exact date of when the incident occurred is unclear, the encounter with the Delhi traffic police was caught by a dash cam and later posted on July 20 by Korean fitness vlogger Fitvely, who has over 1.34 million subscribers on YouTube.
What happened: The video shows Fitvely and another car in front of him getting pulled over by two traffic officers, who ask for his license.
Soon after, the officer tells the vlogger that he committed a road violation and immediately demands 5,000 rupees (approximately $61) in cash. Fitvely then confuses 500 rupees (approximately $6) for 5,000, but the officer corrects him.
Odd interaction: While Fitvely counts his cash in front of the officer, the traffic cop suddenly tells him to stop. Fitvely can then be heard addressing the camera in Korean, “He’s going to take all my money.” The vlogger hands over his cash to the officer, who then gives back 500 rupees and his license before leaving without issuing a receipt. 

The aftermath: The viral incident, which already has over 150,000 views on Fitvely’s YouTube channel, made headlines across India. Fitvely’s encounter was also reported in South Korea.
The officer was identified days later as Mahesh Chand. He was subsequently suspended for his actions in the viral video. Delhi Police reportedly announced in a tweet on Sunday that they have launched an inquiry into the matter.
Delhi Police has zero tolerance policy towards corruption,” the Indian authorities added.
What the officer is saying: Chand reportedly defended himself against the corruption accusation by claiming that Fitvely left before he could give him his receipt.
What people are saying: Several Indian Twitter users condemned the officer, with one user writing, “That police officer is a con artist of top class. @DelhiPolice take a bow!! Nice tricks! That too with guests of the country, well done. Must be proud of this.”
I request @DelhiPolice to make bodycams mandatory for all policemen so that every act of theirs is recorded daily. This will bring transparency also – to which public also has right. It will become a great tool for police administration to remove corruption,” another user wrote.
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