Chinese woman arrested for having 16 jobs at the same time without ever working

Chinese woman arrested for having 16 jobs at the same time without ever working
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Bryan Ke
September 11, 2023
A woman in China was recently arrested for running an alleged wage scam with her husband wherein she took up 16 simultaneous jobs to earn a salary without ever lifting a finger.
Justice strikes: The woman, who was identified by the pseudonym Guan Yue, was arrested during a job interview in Hangzhou province, according to a local report published on Aug. 30.
Together with her husband, Chen Qiang, who is accused of serving as a lookout for other opportunities, the couple reportedly amassed a fortune big enough to buy a villa in Baoshan, Shanghai, in just three years.
How she pulled it off: Local reports alleged that Guan would apply to a job at a company, take photos of her interview and later send those to her current workplace chat, pretending she was “meeting with clients.”
To keep things in order, she would reportedly keep track of all the important details of her jobs on paper, such as her joined date, her position in that company and her salary card numbers from different companies.
Splitting the gig: Using the same scamming tactics, Guan and Chen would sometimes “sell” their gig to other cohorts whenever they were overwhelmed by the number of jobs they had for a fee and a commission. At one point in the three-year operation, Guan reportedly held 16 simultaneous jobs.
Shining a spotlight: A similar case was reported earlier this year after Liu Jian, the head of an internet technology company, brought wage scams to the attention of the police in January. Liu told authorities he hired eight people who boasted an impressive resume and extensive experience working for large companies in October 2022.
The core team leader reportedly earned a 20,000 yuan (approximately $2,740) monthly salary, while the others only received about half of that as monthly pay.
Unveiling the scam: Liu decided to terminate the hires after they failed to deliver positive results three months into their job. One of the employees accidentally sent a photo as proof of resignation from a different company after the termination, purportedly showing that the employee had been working two simultaneous jobs.
Making arrest: Pudong police in Hangzhou reportedly arrested 53 people, including the employee Liu reported to the authorities, on March 8. The total amount of financial damage the scammers caused was around 50 million yuan (approximately $6.8 million).
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