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Rare ‘Sailor Moon’ soundtrack unearthed after 26 years of being ‘lost’

soundtracks from Sailor Moon are found

Music composers Don Perry and Bob Summers have recently rediscovered a CD that contains the “lost” original soundtracks they composed for the English dubbed version of “Sailor Moon.” 

The details: The collection was released on Saturday by TF1945’s Sailor Moon Hub, a month-old YouTube channel devoted to the series. It also includes all of the sound effects that DIC Entertainment used for their English dubbed, North American release of the iconic anime “Sailor Moon,” We Got This Covered reported.

‘Sailor Moon’ Episodes to Be Released on YouTube For Free in Japan

Sailor Moon is coming to YouTube starting April 24 with 10 episodes to be uploaded every week for those living in Japan.

The episodes are set to be released on Toei’s Official Sailor Moon YouTube channel starting April 24, according to an announcement made on the official website of the two-part film, “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal The Movie”, via Crunchyroll.

Japan is Giving Out Free ‘Sailor Moon’ Condoms for STI Awareness

sailor moon

The Japanese government and its partners have started giving away free Sailor Moon-themed condoms.

Japan’s Ministry of Health — in partnership with Labour and Welfare, HIV-awareness organization Act Against AIDS and Okamoto Loverslab, a division of Japanese condom maker Okamoto Condoms — is giving away free condoms as part of its movement to raise awareness about sexually transmitted diseases as well as promote the importance of HIV testing, according to the “Sailor Moon” official website via SoraNews24.

‘Sailor Moon’ Monopoly Board Game is Now Here to Destroy Friendships for $40

If you are an avid fan of the hit ‘90s anime “Sailor Moon,” or just a die-hard collector of anything related to the show, then you are in luck as a Monopoly board game based on the show is now available for purchase online.

The “Sailor Moon” Monopoly game, created by The OP (USAopoly), is currently being sold with an MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) of $39.95, according to its official post.

Muscular Cosplayer Loses Followers Every Time He Posts Himself Dressed As Sailor Moon on Instagram

Leo Bane, a muscular French cosplayer, has been consistently losing followers on Instagram each time he posts a photo of himself wearing a “Sailor Moon” costume.

Bane’s typical go-to for his cosplays are manly characters with a brutish, bulky physique. Check this one out for example – his own take on “The Elder Scroll V: Skyrim” main character, the Dragonborn.