Anime-Loving Russian Figure Skater Performs The Most Epic Routine as ‘Sailor Moon’

Anime-Loving Russian Figure Skater Performs The Most Epic Routine as ‘Sailor Moon’
Khier Casino
By Khier Casino
April 25, 2017
Fighting evil by moonlight and winning love by daylight, Russian figure skater Evgenia Medvedeva slays on the ice dressed as Sailor Moon.
On April 23, the International Skating Union held the World Team Trophy in Figure Skating Competition in Tokyo, where each participating country sends a team of eight athletes as representatives.
Medvedeva stunned Sailor Moon fans with an incredibly nostalgic routine, complete with the iconic sailor costume and original theme song from the series.
Halfway through the 17-year-old’s performance, she picks up a plushie version of Luna, Sailor Moon’s cat adviser, from the judges’ table and continues to dance around.
Before she left the ice rink, she mouthed the heroine’s famous line, “Tsuki ni kawatte, oshioki yo!”, which means “In the name of the moon, I’ll punish you!”, according to RocketNews24.
One of the locals who was impressed by Medvedeva’s Sailor Moon routine was Japanese figure skater Marin Honda, who took a photo with the young Russian skater while doing the heroine’s signature pose.

メドちゃん🎀💛 #メドムーン #kawaii

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And not only is Medvedeva a fan of the 90s manga and anime series, she’s also in love with “Yuri!!! on Ice”, posing for a picture with a cardboard cutout of the Russian character Victor Nikiforov.
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This isn’t the first time the figure skater has performed dressed as Sailor Moon, according to Kotaku.
In 2016, Medvedeva did a Sailor Moon themed routine, which became an instant sensation with fans across Japan.
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