Rare ‘Sailor Moon’ soundtrack unearthed after 26 years of being ‘lost’

Rare ‘Sailor Moon’ soundtrack unearthed after 26 years of being ‘lost’Rare ‘Sailor Moon’ soundtrack unearthed after 26 years of being ‘lost’
Bryan Ke
September 14, 2021
Music composers Don Perry and Bob Summers have recently rediscovered a CD that contains the “lost” original soundtracks they composed for the English dubbed version of “Sailor Moon.” 
The details: The collection was released on Saturday by TF1945’s Sailor Moon Hub, a month-old YouTube channel devoted to the series. It also includes all of the sound effects that DIC Entertainment used for their English dubbed, North American release of the iconic anime “Sailor Moon,” We Got This Covered reported.
  • For 26 years, Sailor Moon debuted in North America,” TF1945’s Sailor Moon Hub said in their YouTube post. “Eversince [sic] it’s debut, it ranged from many fans young and old. With the release of the ViZ Media Dub; since 2014, Sailor Moon gets reconginized [sic] once more. This CD features demos, some TV Versions [sic] and unused cues. This soundtrack was made during the early beginnings, when the DiC Dub of Sailor Moon was in production. Very special thank you to Don and Bob, for providing me this CD to archive for all Sailor Moon fans.”
The search for the lost tracks: Fans of DIC’s licensed version of “Sailor Moon” have long clamored for its rarely heard soundtrack to be officially released, as evidenced by a petition asking Lalaland Records to do so. It is unclear when the petition was started as some comments date as far back as 2014.
Image via ipetitions
  • Nine cues from the collection were reportedly released in November 2002, while the rest were lost, as part of the “Sailor Moon: The Full Moon Collection” CD. Tracks on the CD include a S.A.F. remix of the “Sailor Moon Theme,” “The Power of Love,” and many more.
Featured Image via TF1945’s Sailor Moon Hub
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