Makeup Guru Perfectly Cosplays Each Sailor Moon Character in Stunning Transformations

Makeup Guru Perfectly Cosplays Each Sailor Moon Character in Stunning Transformations

April 3, 2017
Sailor Moon, the manga/anime about cosmic-powered teen girls, was a huge hit in the United States and the rest of the world when it aired in the 90s. It was among the first batch of Japanese anime that introduced the genre to young audiences worldwide.
Sailor Moon has become so popular, in fact, that two decades later, it still is among the staple costumes for comic conventions and other cosplay events.
But while many can don the iconic Sailor costume with impressive confidence, there is one German make-up artist who is able to morph into each and every Sailor Soldier with convincing results, RocketNews24 reports.
Regina, also known by her Instagram handle picturresque, has recreated the looks of the ten different heroines through skillful make-up artistry and each of them is distinctly, well, picturesque.
Amazingly, the make-up master is able to transform herself into the champions of good without having to scream the popular phrase, “Moon Prism Power!” Regina is able to bring each beautiful character to life simply by using a variety of makeup colors and techniques. She even writes some helpful information about the character and the type of makeup she used on each Instagram post.
Here she is as the original Sailor Moon herself:
Sailor Mercury:
Sailor Venus:
Sailor Mars:
Sailor Jupiter:
Of course, she did not forget the Sailor Guardians of the Outer Solar System, starting with Sailor Uranus:
Sailor Neptune:
Sailor Pluto:
Sailor Saturn:
And even grown up Chibiusa in her Black Lady phase:
Check them out in their normal day outfits and makeup:
Picturresque also designed how the girls would look after they have all grown up:
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