Thai Nail Spa’s Sailor Moon Nails Are Excellent for Fighting Evil

Thai Nail Spa’s Sailor Moon Nails Are Excellent for Fighting Evil
Bryan Ke
By Bryan Ke
September 18, 2017
A Thailand nail spa is going the extra mile on its nail art service by introducing the 3-D Sailor Moon nail art design.
Wuudy WonderNails, a spa located in Bangkok, Thailand recently introduced its new project on its social media account where it highlighted Sailor Moon and the rest of the gang as 3-D nail art design.

Someone asked me, who’s nails?

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The nail salon shared some of the before, during and after shots of the process.

Sailor moon is coming soon!! New project nail art by WuudyWonderNails

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Sailor Moon’s, Venus’, Mars’, Jupiter’s, and Mercury’s legs are fully detachable, so you don’t have to worry about the nails getting in the way of accomplishing a task. And this is all possible thanks to magnets that are glued to the tip of each individual nail.
Nail art first became a trend in 2009 and lasted until 2012. However, in 2014, the hype died down significantly as sales for nail cosmetic products decreased by around 10%, Bustle reported.
The Sailor Moon 3-D nail art is undeniably a real beauty to behold — though we would not recommend picking your nose while you have them on.
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Featured Image via Instagram (Left: wuudywondernails) (right: wuudywondernails)
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