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Ronny Chieng Wants Marvel to Change Shang-Chi’s Chinese Character Name for a Great Reason

Many Asian fans are apparently not so thrilled after learning that Shang-Chi’s Chinese characters in the comics have  a very odd English translation, one that feels completely unfit for a superhero.

Australian-Malaysian actor and comedian, Ronny Chieng, who played Edison “Eddie” Cheng in “Crazy Rich Asians,” took to Twitter to make his suggestion in changing Shang-Chi’s Chinese characters (上氣), which Marvel apparently believed to mean “Rising Spirit.”

Deadline Tweets ‘Misleading’ News Painting Ronny Chieng and Susan Wokoma as a Couple

Casting announcement for a new CBS show left people confused and eventually disappointed after learning that it will not center on an interracial romance as they had expected.

On Friday, Deadline posted a tweet announcing that Chinese Malaysian actor Ronny Chieng and British Nigerian actress Susan Wokoma were cast in “Super Simple Love Story,” an upcoming romantic comedy pilot from CBS.