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Chinese astronauts successfully grow rice in space

  • Chinese astronauts have successfully grown rice on the Tiangong space station as an experiment into how astronauts can grow food on long space missions.
  • The tall shoot rice seedlings were planted in the experimental cabin of China’s Wentian lab module shortly after it was launched into orbit in July.
  • The rice seedlings have reportedly grown to a height of about 30 centimeters while a dwarf rice variety has grown to about 5 centimeters.
  • The astronauts will continue to observe the plants, and if successful, will gather the new seeds and return to Earth for further research.

Chinese astronauts onboard the Wentian space laboratory have successfully grown a variety of rice seedlings. 

The Wentian space laboratory was docked with the Tiangong space station and launched into orbit on July 24. The space lab is China’s largest and heaviest spacecraft with a weight of 23 metric tons and a height of 17.8 meters.

Aussie TikToker explains why she converted from fork to spoon to eat rice after living in Malaysia

aussie uses fork
  • An Australian TikToker named Georgia, who currently lives in Malaysia, surprised her Southeast Asian followers when she claimed that people from down under use forks while eating rice dishes.
  • She admits in her recent TikTok video, which has been viewed over 91,000 times, that she has converted to eating rice with a spoon because it “makes so much more sense.”
  • “Why do we use a fork when all the bits of rice fall through it?” she says in her video.
  • Georgia explained to Malaysian news outlet Says that utensil preferences may be attributed to the differences in how food is prepared and consumed in Australia and Asia.
  • She noted that knives and forks are often used for most of the dishes in Australia, and spoons are meant for soups and desserts.
  • Rice is notably consumed in a variety of ways in Asia depending on the type of rice eaten and the local cultural norms.

An Australian TikToker living in Malaysia surprised her Southeast Asian followers when she claimed that people from down under use forks while eating rice dishes. 

In her recent video, TikTok user Georgia says that Australians think that using a spoon to eat rice is unusual. 

‘It’s my favorite thing ever’: American woman ‘giddy’ after discovering 50-pound rice bags at Asian stores

  • Adrien, a 26-year-old woman from Minneapolis, recently went viral for sharing her love and excitement for rice in a video she uploaded to Snapchat.
  • “My entire life, my favorite food has just been like white rice,” she said. “I love it. I can’t get enough of it. It’s my favorite thing ever.”
  • In the video she shows off her rice dispenser and her first purchase of a 50-pound sack of rice from an Asian grocery store.
  • “My entire adult life I’ve just been buying one pound of rice once or twice a week until today,” she shared. “I’m so giddy about how much rice I have!”

A woman recently went viral for sharing her lifelong love of rice and excitement after buying her first 50-pound sack of it. 

“My entire life my favorite food has just been like white rice,” rice-fanatic Adrien said in a video that has gone viral since she first uploaded it to her TikTok account on Dec. 29. “I love it. I can’t get enough of it. It’s my favorite thing ever.”

Former Japanese PM Taro Aso faces heat for claiming climate change makes ‘tastier’ rice

Japan’s former Prime Minister Taro Aso, who’s been known to make controversial comments, drew attention again on Monday when he claimed that global warming has led to “tastier” rice. Recently elected Prime Minister Fumio Kishida has since apologized on his behalf. 

The incident: Aso made the comment that there is “something good” to global warming while giving a campaign speech at Hokkaido city of Otaru in support of a candidate from the ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), reported Newsweek.

Over 3 Cups of White Rice a Day May Cause Diabetes, 9-Year Study Says

white rice

Eating over three cups of white rice offers a greater risk of diabetes than eating less of it, a new study has found. 

Extensive research: The long-term international study, conducted as a part of the large-scale Prospective Urban Rural Epidemiology (PURE) project and published in the Diabetes Journals, posited that the risk is most prominent for South Asians.

Watch a Michelin Star Chef Make a Japanese Staple Dish Almost Entirely in a Rice Cooker


Chef Hiroo Nagahara is the owner of Bao Hiroo in the Arts District of Downtown LA. His spot is known for offering unique dishes that mesh the best of both his Japanese and Taiwanese heritage.

He earned his first Michelin Star at the age of 24 as the CDC (Com de Chef) of Restaurant Charlie in 2010, which prompted a flood of offers from investors interested in starting a restaurant with him. He declined them all and instead went to Japan and decided to stag (work as an unpaid kitchen intern) at Narisawa (2 Michelin Star) and Kagurazaka Ishikawa (3 Michelin Star) to expand his culinary knowledge. Most recently, he was Executive Chef at the acclaimed Nomica in San Francisco before starting Bao Hiroo in 2019. 

Malaysian Comedian Teams Up With BBC Fried Rice Chef in New YouTube Video

fried rice

Uncle Roger — a character created by Malaysian comedian Nigel Ng — has joined forces with Hersha Patel, also known online as the “egg fried rice lady,” in a YouTube collaboration.

What is the video about: The video, which premiered on the 29-year-old comedian’s channel on August 9, shows Uncle Roger giving Patel another chance to properly cook rice and egg fried rice, Huffington Post reported.