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Over 3 Cups of White Rice a Day May Cause Diabetes, 9-Year Study Says

white rice

Eating over three cups of white rice offers a greater risk of diabetes than eating less of it, a new study has found. 

Extensive research: The long-term international study, conducted as a part of the large-scale Prospective Urban Rural Epidemiology (PURE) project and published in the Diabetes Journals, posited that the risk is most prominent for South Asians.

Watch a Michelin Star Chef Make a Japanese Staple Dish Almost Entirely in a Rice Cooker


Chef Hiroo Nagahara is the owner of Bao Hiroo in the Arts District of Downtown LA. His spot is known for offering unique dishes that mesh the best of both his Japanese and Taiwanese heritage.

He earned his first Michelin Star at the age of 24 as the CDC (Com de Chef) of Restaurant Charlie in 2010, which prompted a flood of offers from investors interested in starting a restaurant with him. He declined them all and instead went to Japan and decided to stag (work as an unpaid kitchen intern) at Narisawa (2 Michelin Star) and Kagurazaka Ishikawa (3 Michelin Star) to expand his culinary knowledge. Most recently, he was Executive Chef at the acclaimed Nomica in San Francisco before starting Bao Hiroo in 2019. 

Malaysian Comedian Teams Up With BBC Fried Rice Chef in New YouTube Video

fried rice

Uncle Roger — a character created by Malaysian comedian Nigel Ng — has joined forces with Hersha Patel, also known online as the “egg fried rice lady,” in a YouTube collaboration.

What is the video about: The video, which premiered on the 29-year-old comedian’s channel on August 9, shows Uncle Roger giving Patel another chance to properly cook rice and egg fried rice, Huffington Post reported.

People Who Panic Bought Food Are Allegedly Trying to Return It to Costco

The spread of the coronavirus (COVID-2019) has led to some people stocking up on food and supplies, but one Facebook user claims more and more people are returning items they don’t need back to stores such as Costco.

While there is “NO global shortage of Jasmine rice from Thailand, NO shortage of faux Japanese rice like ‘Botan, Nishiki or Kokuho’ rice,” Facebook user Ebereto Chan claims a Costco Business Center in Hayward, California saw a line of people returning “10 x 50lbs bags of rice.”

Japanese KFC Chicken Rice ‘Hack’ Takes Twitter By Storm

A simple rice recipe featuring KFC Original Recipe chicken has apparently sent local Twitter users abuzz in Japan.

As we’ve covered before, KFC became a yuletide tradition for many Japanese mostly due to a brilliant promotional campaign during the 1974 holidays season. Japan’s special affinity with KFC remains evident today with the American fast-food chain raking in millions of dollars in revenue with its special “KFC Christmas dinners” each year.