Tiny Rice Cooker Collectibles Are Perfect for Rice Enthusiasts

Tiny Rice Cooker Collectibles Are Perfect for Rice EnthusiastsTiny Rice Cooker Collectibles Are Perfect for Rice Enthusiasts
A toy company specializing in miniature collectible pieces in Japan has come up with a variety of adorable mini rice cooker cases.
Capsule toy maker Kitan Club has unveiled the rice cookers that are super tiny they can fit in the palm of your hand.
image via Instagram/katerinapearle
Priced at just 300 yen ($2.78) each, these miniatures are available in six different colors.
image via Instagram/katerinapearle
They offer some nifty uses other than just looking cute. While they can not actually cook rice, these tiny cookers can be used as storage cases for tiny objects since their lids can be opened and the pots are removable.
via Kitan website
Some have used them as desk displays, props, coin holders or even bird food containers:
image via Instagram/katerinapearle
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Kitan Club has got some other capsule toys for sale that are equally adorable.
via Instragram/kitanclub_official
via Instagram/kitanclub_official
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Check out some of its previous hits:
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To find out more about Kitan Club products, you may visit their official website and Instagram account.
Featured image via Instagram/yomochan0426
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