Malaysian Comedian Teams Up With BBC Fried Rice Chef in New YouTube Video

Malaysian Comedian Teams Up With BBC Fried Rice Chef in New YouTube Video
Bryan Ke
August 11, 2020
Uncle Roger — a character created by Malaysian comedian Nigel Ng — has joined forces with Hersha Patel, also known online as the “egg fried rice lady,” in a YouTube collaboration.
What is the video about: The video, which premiered on the 29-year-old comedian’s channel on August 9, shows Uncle Roger giving Patel another chance to properly cook rice and egg fried rice, Huffington Post reported.
  • Uncle Roger opens up a cabinet in Patel’s kitchen only to find a ridiculous amount of colanders.
  • J Lou, another YouTuber who also reacted twice to Patel’s much talked about BBC Food cooking segment, also made a cameo.
  • Patel cooks rice in the first half of the video, but this time, she rinses the starch from the uncooked rice. She still uses measuring cups instead of the finger method.
  • The BBC Food presenter finishes the rice and Uncle Roger is impressed. “The rice look okay. No more sad, gloopy rice,” he said, speaking in a stereotypical Malaysian Chinese accent.
  • Patel baited Uncle Roger with a colander, making him think that she would drain the rice again, but it appears that she was just tidying up.
  • Then, Patel took out the leftover rice for the egg fried rice, along with spring onions, egg and sesame oil.
  • After adding all the ingredients and one tossing rice accident, Patel finally receives Uncle Roger’s approval.
  • The video became the ninth trending video on YouTube on Sunday about nine hours after it was posted.
Before the collaboration: Ng went viral for Uncle Roger’s reaction to BBC Food’s video of Patel teaching viewers how to cook egg fried rice.
  • The clip attracted controversy for Patel’s way of cooking rice —  not washing the starch off the grains beforehand, and using a colander to drain the cooked rice and putting it under running water.
  • After Ng’s reaction video gained popularity, BBC invited the comedian and Patel for an on-air interview.
  • “[Uncle Roger] is just a character; I don’t actually feel that way towards Hersha or her rice techniques,” he said.
  • “The internet can be very volatile, and I wanted to make this a positive thing,” Patel added. “The idea is that we both have a sense of humor and we understand that there are lots of different ways to cook things.”
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