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San Diego State University to create its first-ever Asian American studies department

san diego state
  • San Diego State University (SDSU) is making plans to develop its first Asian American studies department after California State Universities received funding to expand their ethnic studies curriculums.
  • As of 2022, SDSU only has about three courses related to Asian Pacific Islander Desi American studies, a demographic that makes up about 13% of the school’s population.
  • As part of the hiring process, five meet-and-greets were held with candidates for the department’s faculty, to which students were invited to join and voice their opinions.

San Diego State University (SDSU) is putting plans in motion to open its first Asian American studies department, which will offer new curriculums and majors for students.

SDSU will hire two professors who will be responsible for building the Asian American Studies department, reported The Daily Aztec.

‘Wonder Woman’ series star Lynda Carter praises influencer’s South Asian-inspired Wonder Woman cosplay

Wonder Woman
  • “Wonder Woman” series star Lynda Carter praised a South Asian-inspired Wonder Woman cosplay by Los Angeles-based social media star and beauty entrepreneur Deepica Mutyala.
  • Carter shared images of Mutyala’s cosplay from 2017, calling it “the second incredible South Asian interpretation of Wonder Woman cosplay that I've seen this year.”
  • In the get-up, Mutyala wore bangles instead of donning the hero’s golden bracelets. She also wore a “maang tikka” in place of Wonder Woman’s tiara and used a saree instead of a cape.
  • “She’s a badass. She’s fearless, independent, but she’s also compassionate and giving,” Mutyala wrote in describing the iconic character. “We as women need to remember we can be all of this too.”

A mesmerizing South Asian-inspired Wonder Woman cosplay has earned the approval of the original Wonder Woman herself, Lynda Carter.

Carter, whose titular role in the widely popular “Wonder Woman” television show from the ‘70s made her a household name, took to Twitter to highlight a cosplay by Los Angeles-based social media star and beauty entrepreneur Deepica Mutyala.

‘Representation matters’: Viewers spot small details in ‘Turning Red’ trailers that make a big difference

turning red diabetic character
  • A Reddit user shared a screenshot from the official trailer of Disney Pixar’s “Turning Red” to point out a light blue patch on a student’s left arm.
  • Reddit users believe that the animated student is wearing a Dexcom, a glucose monitoring device used by people with diabetes, and marveled at the minor detail adding to the film’s diverse representation of characters.
  • In the Pixar film’s teaser trailer, which was released last year, another animated female student with dark brown hair in one of Mei’s classes was also previously spotted with a diabetic device attached to her right arm and a purple insulin pump on her waistband.
  • Pixar's first Asian-led animated film “Turning Red” premieres today on Disney Plus.

Disney Pixar’s latest animated film “Turning Red” includes a small detail that viewers are marveling at: a little blue patch on a student’s arm. 

Reddit user @Scorch8482 shared a screenshot from the film’s trailer, wherein a blond female student wearing a light blue patch on her left arm is shocked to find Mei in her panda form in the bathroom. 

Shohei Ohtani makes history as first Asian athlete to grace front cover of US sports video game

ohtani mlb cover
  • Los Angeles Angels’ two-way superstar Shohei Ohtani will grace the cover of video game “Major League Baseball: The Show 22.”
  • It marks the first time an Asian athlete has ever been featured on the cover of an American sports video game.
  • Ohtani’s “The Show” cover comes after a stellar performance throughout the 2021 season that saw him win the 2021 American League Most Valuable Player (MVP) award.

Shohei Ohtani, America’s favorite baseball player, is set to make history as the first Asian athlete in the U.S. to be featured on the cover of a video game. 

The 27-year-old baseball superstar, who has just completed a historic 2021 season, will be the cover star of the “MLB: The Show 22” video game, reported ESPN

How ‘The Cleaning Lady’ defies stereotypes about Asian immigrant workers in the U.S.

the cleaning lady
  • Fox’s new drama series “The Cleaning Lady” aims to tackle stereotypes about Asian service employees in the U.S.
  • The show features Élodie Yung as Thony De La Rosa, a Cambodian doctor who moves to the U.S. seeking treatment for her son, who has a life-threatening medical condition.
  • Thony’s character and many others in the show are providing voices to represent Asian immigrant workers in the U.S. and to show that they are more than just the stereotypical assumptions.

Miranda Kwok’s “The Cleaning Lady,” the first primetime drama on Fox to star as well as be created and produced by an Asian woman, is defying the stigmas around marginalized Asian service workers in the U.S.

Based on the Argentinian show, “La Chica Que Limpia,” Fox’s new series “The Cleaning Lady,” which features a predominantly Southeast Asian cast, follows the story of Cambodian doctor Thony De La Rosa (played by Élodie Yung) who moves to the U.S. in hopes of finding better treatment for her critically ill, young son. After witnessing a gruesome event committed by a mob, she is offered a chance to work as their cleaning lady and medical professional in exchange for payment that could help fund her son’s medical treatment. 

DC Comics’ newest Asian superhero meets the Dark Knight in debut issue of new ‘Monkey Prince’ miniseries

DC Miniseries Monkey Prince
  • On Feb. 1, DC Comics launched a solo miniseries for the Monkey Prince, an Asian American superhero created by award-winning writer Gene Luen Yang and artist Bernard Chang.
  • The character, inspired by a classic work of Chinese literature from the 16th century, was first introduced in last year’s “DC Festival of Heroes: The Asian Superhero Celebration” anthology.
  • The first issue of “Monkey Prince” features the young superhero’s origins and his journey after discovering his heritage.

DC’s newest Asian American superhero is now starring in his own comic book with the debut of the “Monkey Prince” miniseries this week.

“Monkey Prince,” whose first issue was launched on Feb. 1 in print and as a digital comic book, features demigod Marcus Sun as the Monkey Prince with supporting characters inspired by “Journey to the West,” a classic work of Chinese literature from the 16th century.

‘Filipinos exist’: Female MMA star of ‘Never Back Down: Revolt’ wants to inspire young girls to ‘kick ass’

Vanessa Campos Interview
  • Filipino Muay Thai fighter Vanessa Campos starred as Mali in Sony Pictures’ 2021 film “Never Back Down: Revolt.”
  • Campos talked with NextShark about her struggles with depicting a trafficked woman fighter in the action film.
  • The 28-year-old actor discussed the importance of Asian Americans standing together to work toward appropriate representation on screen.

Filipino actor and Muay Thai fighter Vanessa Campos starred as one of the fighters in Sony Pictures’ 2021 film “Never Back Down: Revolt.” 

Never Back Down: Revolt

‘Valorant’ introduces Manila-born Agent Neon

Valorant Agent Neon
  • Riot Games’ multiplayer game “Valorant” revealed their first Filipino agent, Agent Neon, with an official trailer showcasing her powers.
  • Agent Neon is set to be released on the game’s Episode 4: Disruption update.

The video game “Valorant” has unveiled their newest character and first Manila-born agent, Neon, in a recent trailer.

The 5v5 first-person shooter game introduced Agent Neon with an official trailer posted on their social media accounts on Wednesday. 

‘Don’t insult Japan!’: Miss Universe 2021 Japan’s national costume is all wrong according to netizens

Miss Japan 2021

The national costume worn by Japan’s candidate in the 70th Miss Universe pageant has sparked criticism on Japanese social media.

“Cool Japan” take: During the pageant’s National Costume Show on Dec. 10, Japanese contestant Juri Watanabe wore highly stylized attire that social media users in Japan have taken issue with, reported SoraNews24.

‘Outsize, empty, mute Asians’: ‘Virtually Asian’ video essay critiques portrayals of Asians in popular sci-fi

Astria Suparak Virtually Asian

A video essay by artist Astria Suparak offers a visual critique of sci-fi and speculative fiction films that use Asian cultures as a backdrop and Asian people as props. 

According to the creators, the project was developed to examine “how white science-fiction filmmakers fill the backgrounds of their futuristic worlds with hollow Asian figures — in the form of video and holographic advertisements — while the main cast (if not the entirety of their fictional universe’s population) is devoid of actual Asian people.

Academy Museum offers viewers rare chance to see acting legend Anna May Wong’s movies on the big screen

Chinese American acting legend Anna May Wong

What is Asian representation in Hollywood? That’s the question the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures in Los Angeles was faced with when it decided to host the film series “Beyond the Icon: Anna May Wong.”

From now until Nov. 27, the museum is honoring Anna May Wong — Gemma Chan’s iconic style influence at the Met Gala earlier this year — as the first Chinese American star in Hollywood. The series will feature some of Wong’s greatest works such as “The Toll of the Sea,” in which she landed her first lead role. The film will be shown on Nov. 20 at 7:30 p.m.