‘Wonder Woman’ series star Lynda Carter praises influencer’s South Asian-inspired Wonder Woman cosplay

‘Wonder Woman’ series star Lynda Carter praises influencer’s South Asian-inspired Wonder Woman cosplay
Image: Deepica Mutyala
Ryan General
March 23, 2022
A mesmerizing South Asian-inspired Wonder Woman cosplay has earned the approval of the original Wonder Woman herself, Lynda Carter.
Carter, whose titular role in the widely popular “Wonder Woman” television show from the ‘70s made her a household name, took to Twitter to highlight a cosplay by Los Angeles-based social media star and beauty entrepreneur Deepica Mutyala.
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“This is the second incredible South Asian interpretation of Wonder Woman cosplay that I’ve seen this year,” wrote Carter, who retweeted images of Mutyala in the iconic get-up. “Way to go Deepica, and please keep it up, everyone! I would love to see what Wonder Woman looks and feels like to you.”
The images, which were lifted from Mutyala’s popular video from 2017, show the 32-year-old entrepreneur/influencer clad in the familiar red and blue outfit, albeit with a South Asian spin. 
Instead of donning the hero’s golden bracelets, Mutyala wore bangles. In place of Wonder Woman’s tiara, she also wore a “maang tikka” and used a saree instead of a cape.

“In May I moved home after going through levels of depression/anxiety,” Mutyala shared in the YouTube description of her Wonder Woman transformation video. “I moved from NYC to LA for a fresh start, new energy, & positive vibes. I owe that to myself. I don’t know if it’s my cultural background but I feel like I’ve been taught to not talk about this, but that really has to change. I don’t know what I was more afraid of – people thinking I was lying about feeling depressed as an excuse or admitting to myself that I was. Either way, I realized It’s okay to take care of yourself – mental health can’t be ignored.“
According to Mutyala, watching “Wonder Woman” inspired her to become her own hero.

“She’s a badass. She’s fearless, independent, but she’s also compassionate and giving,” she added. “We as women need to remember we can be all of this too. We don’t need to stick to just one bucket and be defined as that. Be you for YOU. I say this looking into a mirror honestly. I’m pretty confident in my skin but we all are human and have our days. Be Your Own Hero was made for my followers but also for personal healing and a reminder to myself.“
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