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Rapper pH-1 introduces ‘Mr. Bad’ in new single and music video

  • Korean-American rapper pH-1 dropped his new single and music video “Mr. Bad” featuring Woo Wonjae on Tuesday.
  • The track will feature on pH-1’s upcoming album, his first in three years.
  • The H1ghr Music artist was discovered in 2016 by Jay Park and debuted in 2017 with his EP “The Island Kid.”
  • Previous artists pH-1 has collaborated with include Chungha, Mamamoo’s Wheein, TXT and Jay Park.

Korean American rapper pH-1, born Park Junwon (Harry Park), released a new single and music video titled “Mr. Bad” featuring Woo Wonjae on Tuesday.

The track will be on pH-1’s forthcoming album, his first in three years. According to a press release from label H1ghr Music, “Mr. Bad” is a turn for nice guy Harry Park, who “finally tackles his demons and temptations-he’s confronted throughout his career — whether it be parties, alcohol, or just friends, pH-1 was inspired by his experience of how being bad can feel good.”

Rapper Asian Doll has ‘no apologies’ in face of online backlash for ‘Indian-themed’ birthday party

Social media users slam rapper Asian Doll for ‘Indian-themed’ birthday party announcement

Twitter users have accused American rapper Asian Doll of cultural appropriation after she shared an online invitation for her upcoming “Indian-themed” birthday party.

The controversy: Asian Doll, whose real name is Misharron Jermeisha Allen, faced backlash on Sunday when social media users noticed that the rapper used  an Arabic song as background music for the invitation flyer for her party, which she called “Asian Doll Escapes to India.” (The original post has since been taken down.)

18-year-old rapper JAE’roze Tate shares her Black Filipina experience on Tagalog-infused ‘Bla$ian’

"Bla$ian" rapper: Filipino African American JAE’roze Tate

Biracial rapper JAE’roze Tate talked with NextShark about Filipino American representation in the rap scene and the inspiration behind her music. 

The “Bla$ian” rapper: Filipino African American JAE’roze Tate is one of the latest young talents to hit the rap scene following the recent release of her album “BLA$IAN” at the beginning of the year.

Singaporean rapper faces possible imprisonment for criticism of ‘Chinese privilege’ over ‘brown’ people

Subhas Nair singaporean rapper

On Monday, Subhas Nair, a controversial Singaporean rapper who accused authorities of racism toward non-Chinese citizens, was charged with creating division among the different races and religions in the country.

What happened: During his court appearance on Monday, Nair, 29, was spotted wearing a T-shirt with the face of Nagaenthran Dharmalingam, a mentally impaired Malaysian man who is set to face the death penalty in Singapore next week, according to Channel News Asia. He was accompanied by his sister, Preeti Nair, a singer better known as Preetipls.

Megan Thee Stallion Partners With May Lee and Fashion Nova to Donate $50,000 to Fighting Anti-Asian Hate

Megan Thee Stallion

Grammy Award-winning rapper Megan Thee Stallion has partnered with Fashion Nova and journalist/activist May Lee to donate $50,000 to a nonprofit advancing the rights of Asian Americans in Georgia and the Southeast.

The donation, made to Advancing Justice Atlanta, is Megan’s expression of support for the Asian American community amid the rise of anti-Asian attacks, reports People

Korean American Rap Group Drops Powerful ‘Viral’ MV on Contagious Racism

LA-based Korean American rap duo Year of the Ox dropped a chilling message in a music video titled “Viral,” addressing the violent attacks against Asian Americans amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

The duo, made of Lyricks (Rick Lee) and JL (John Lee) from Transparent Arts, first exclusively released the video on NextShark while sharing their thoughts on how coronavirus has affected society: