Rapper Apologizes After Saying He Doesn’t ‘Give a F**k’ About Black Lives

Rapper Apologizes After Saying He Doesn’t ‘Give a F**k’ About Black Lives
Editorial Staff
By Editorial Staff
June 5, 2020
Korean rapper Owen Ovadoz is under fire again from an Instagram live where he complained about why he should care about the BLM movement.
“I know what the campaign is, I don’t give a f**k man,” he said. “I’m still making money — say I’m canceled, say I’m canceled more. There’s nothing you can do about it.”
Ovadoz has been called out on his questionable behavior before. In 2017, he was called out for a rape joke when he was allegedly drunk on a stream.
There is also a video where he appears to be talking about nudes and underage girls.
“What if she’s underage. Who gives a f**k,” he said.
He has since lost followers and issued an apology to his Instagram, saying he was uneducated on George Floyd’s death and that he lost his temper because he was being verbally attacked.
“I do care about Black lives because I wouldn’t be anybody if it wasn’t for the music y’all made me fell in love with and I grew up with Mexicans and Black friends in New Jersey,” he said in one section.
To explain how it happened, he said, “[I] didn’t know back then why people were so mad about it and why they had to attack khiphop rappers with such violent words so…I fought back as usual…but people were easily twisting my words.”
That was when his anger exploded and was recorded mid-rant. He ended with, “Korea’s actually holding a march in Seoul so go out there and raise your voice rather than posting stuff on social media with your stupid selfie in it telling people to swipe up, that’s not activism.”
Feature Image via @khiphop.py (left), @mkitrain42_ru (right)
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