Taipei’s Mayor Made a Trap Music Video and It’s Weirdly Lit

Taipei’s Mayor Made a Trap Music Video and It’s Weirdly Lit
Bryan Ke
November 2, 2018
Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je is going viral for all the right reasons with his new viral rap video that reminds people to “Do Things Right.”
The clip, which was published on Ko’s YouTube channel on October 27, sees the 59-year-old trauma surgeon-turned-politician walking in slow motion in a dimly lit office hallway with his button-up shirt tucked inside his waist-high khaki pants.
After his dramatic entrance, Ko then drops the hook of the song, “Do the right thing, do things right,” in a loop, Quartz noted.
For his verse, the mayor repeatedly rapped guai guai de (“Strange! Strange!”) before Taiwanese underground rapper Chunyan enters the screen.
Chunyan goes on to rap, “Don’t steal chickens or pet the dog,” which is slang for being lazy and petty theft.
This is not the first time Ko, who has been serving the city since 2014, shared his “Do Things Right” message to the people of Taipei.
On Christmas Day 2016, the Taipei City government issued a press release in which the mayor “stressed the importance of the principles of ‘do right things’ and ‘do things right,’ noting that adjustments in city administration is being implemented according to plans.”
Ko is becoming more and more popular in Taiwan thanks to his social media presence. His popularity increased so much that there is a growing number of people calling on him to run for president, according to City Lab.
If you want to do something you don’t understand, it’s OK to give it a go,” the mayor said in a statement to City Lab. “The opportunity is reserved for those who are willing to try. Some may laugh, and everyone must bravely pursue their own lives.”
He did, however, admit that learning how to rap is not as simple as he thought.
From understanding hip-hop culture, to learning the different elements of rap songs and the beats behind them … I realized that the music industry is not as simple as singing karaoke,” Ko continued.
Images Screenshot via YouTube / 柯文哲
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