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Tucker Carlson guest: Military doesn’t need women or gays, just men who want ‘throne of Chinese skulls’

Jesse Kelly Tucker Carlson

After appearing on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” conservative radio talk show host Jesse Kelly is now under fire for controversial comments deemed by critics as racist, sexist and homophobic.

How it started: Carlson took a swing at Adm. Christopher Grady, who was appointed vice-chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff on Dec. 17. Carlson addressed Grady’s claim that he would “value working with the military’s gender advisors if confirmed,” according to Rolling Stone.

Colgate to rename its controversial ‘Black People Toothpaste’ brand in 2022

Hong Kong Toothpaste

After keeping a controversial name for decades, a popular toothpaste brand in Asia will have its name changed.

Racism accusations: Hawley & Hazel, a Hong Kong-based manufacturer of oral care products, announced on Tuesday that it will change the Chinese name of its famous Darlie toothpaste from “Black People Toothpaste” (黑人牙膏) to “Haolai” (好來) by March of next year, according to the Hong Kong Free Press (HKFP)

‘What do you illegals have to gripe about?’: Author Qian Julie Wang says she faced racism at book event


New York Times bestselling author Qian Julie Wang recently shared on social media that a woman called her an “illegal” and told her she was “lucky to be in America” during a book event in Larchmont, New York, on Friday.

What happened: Sharing the incident on social media last week, Wang said she was heartbroken by what she experienced at a women’s association book event that she and two other authors – a white man and a white woman – had recently attended.

Honolulu Councilman Accused of Racism, Transphobia for Blackface in ‘America’s Next Top Model’ Skit

Augie Tulba

Social media users expressed concern after Filipino American Honolulu Council member Augie Tulba shared a video showing him in blackface in a parody of “America’s Next Top Model.”

Video resurfaces: The clip, which is more than 10 years old, was reshared by Tulba on Instagram over the weekend, according to KITV. The caption of his post read: “We laughed so hard filming this segment. #FunTimes.”

Man Follows, Racially Harasses NYC Photographer and ‘No One Stepped in to Help’


A man was caught on video verbally attacking an Asian woman with racist “dog-eating” questions while she documented a series of manhole explosions in New York City. 

Ming, one half of the New York-based photographer duo The Bing Buzz, was walking in Astoria, Queens on Feb. 9 when she suddenly heard a boom, according to the pair’s YouTube video posted on Feb. 11.

Missouri Restaurant Deletes Social Media Accounts After Hanging Racist ‘Coronavirus’ Pinata


A St. Louis County restaurant faced backlash for a racist piñata it displayed as it kept doors open to customers despite COVID-19 lockdown orders.

On May 4, Camila’s Tex Mex, located in Eureka, MO, allowed people to enter its establishment due to poor weather conditions even though St. Louis County is currently under lockdown, according to Riverfront Times.