Controversial livestreamer attacked in public in Japan again during livestream

Controversial livestreamer attacked in public in Japan again during livestream
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Bryan Ke
June 13, 2023
Controversial IRL (in real life) livestreamer JohnnySomali was recently attacked in public just days after he was slapped and berated by a “stream sniper” in a busy Tokyo street.
The latest attack: During the incident, which reportedly occurred on Saturday, JohnnySomali was speaking to his followers when someone choked him from behind, as shown in a widely viewed clip.
The clip, which was shared by Twitter user @pa__copa_co_ on Saturday, briefly shows the American content creator struggling with his attacker before his camera falls to the ground.
JohnnySomali can be heard talking back to his attacker, saying, “Yo, you’re tripping, n*gga,” before pleading with the person to “stop” and “relax.”
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Meeting other streamers: The recent incident occurred days after JohnnySomali was confronted by a group of angry Japanese streamers, including controversial Japanese streamer Rengoku Koroaki and Japanese YouTuber Guts, who is known for filming and catching voyeuristic photographers and chikan (public molestation).
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Two recent videos on JohnnySomali’s Kick channel show the livestreamer talking things out with the group and later joining them for a livestreaming session.
Previous incident: JohnnySomali was attacked earlier this month by a random passerby while livestreaming in Tokyo. The content creator was smacked in the face while he was talking to his viewers about respect.
How it all started: The livestreamer rose to infamy in Japan after a clip of his racist tirade on a quiet train became widely circulated online last month. The viral clip shows him harassing Japanese passengers about World War II.

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