Georgia football player caught spewing racist slur at Asian boy during NFL Draft livestream

Georgia football player caught spewing racist slur at Asian boy during NFL Draft livestream
via Michael Rivera (CC BY-SA 3.0)
Bryan Ke
May 2, 2023
Jamaal Jarrett, an incoming defensive lineman of the University of Georgia Bulldogs football team, was caught using a racist slur toward Asians during a livestream of this year’s NFL Draft.
Jarrett, a 17-year-old incoming first-year student at the University of Georgia, was livestreaming the event via Instagram on Thursday night when he made the inappropriate remarks.
His Instagram handle, @thejahjarrett, is visible in a viral recording shared on Twitter on Sunday.
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“Jalen Carter. Jalen Carter. Come on, you Asian,” Jarrett can be heard saying. “Ching chong!”
Jarrett’s comment was reportedly directed at Shane Gifford, a young Asian American boy from Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Kansas City who went up on stage to announce the Atlanta Falcons’ pick.
Gifford’s “Big Brother,” Chris Moore, accompanied him on the podium when he delivered the pick, with which the Falcons chose University of Texas running back Bijan Robinson instead of Carter for their team’s No. 8 overall draft pink. Carter, a University of Georgia alumnus, was the No. 9 overall pick of the Philadelphia Eagles.
Several social media users took to Twitter to call Jarrett out for using the racial slur.
“Why did Jamaal Jarrett just get racist out of nowhere?” one Twitter user asked.
“JAH JARRETT THIS IS UNBELIEVABLE!!! No wonder Carolina didn’t take this kid. Racist and has character issues. Yikes. Bad look and classless @JamaalJarrett,” another Twitter user said.
Another Twitter user demanded accountability from the University of Georgia and the school’s football program for Jarrett’s use of a racial slur.
“Practically no coverage of UGA football player Jamaal Jarrett spouting an anti-Asian racial epithet. The school and football program needs to hold him accountable for his actions. The fact that he did this after the racist Atlanta spa shootings just two years ago is unacceptable.”
Despite the outrage on Twitter, neither Jarrett nor the University of Georgia has commented on the controversy, and Jarrett is still included online in the Bulldogs’ 2023 roster.
His Instagram account, as well as his official and backup Twitter accounts, were reportedly put on private after the backlash began.
As of this writing, Jarrett’s Instagram account has been made public again, while his Twitter accounts are still private.

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