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He Was Abandoned After Being Burned as A Baby, Then a Loving Seattle Couple Adopted Him

Wen Huber

This article was originally published on Love What Matters and reposted with permission.

It all started with a fire, or at least that’s what I’ve been told from the people around me. The scars on my body remind me of it every day. I don’t really remember much from the accident. I can’t even recall the pain because I was only around 1 year old when it happened. Nobody knows exactly how I was burned but the theory is that there was an accident and my family may have not been able to pay for the bills so they had to make the difficult decision of giving me up to save my life, knowing they may never see me again. This is the theory, and we don’t know for sure.

Son Resented His Dad for Never Saying ‘I Love You’, But Realized It Was There All Along

A parent’s love is expressed in a myriad of ways, but the most powerful gestures are usually unspoken and leave a lasting impact. 

On the popular Facebook group “subtle asian traits,” member Justin Tam posted about a small act of affection from his father Chung, who never said “I love you” or gave him hugs and kisses during most of his childhood. 

Indian Man Sues Parents for Giving Birth to Him ‘Without His Consent’

A 27-year-old Indian man is planning to sue his parents for giving birth to him without his proper consent in what is now being regarded as a rather bizarre case.

Raphael Samuel, who describes himself as a member of the “antinatalist” movement, claims he is engaging the lawsuit to help people in India – and the world – to realize that they are born into this world without their consent.

South Korea Will Pay Couples Up to $270 a Month to Have More Kids

South Korea is reportedly offering more cash and incentives to entice people to have more children as previous efforts to curb declining fertility rate remain unsuccessful.

Now among the world’s lowest, the country’s fertility rate (measured as the average number of children a woman is expected to have in her lifetime) could cause a significant decrease in its population within the next 10 years.