Japanese Husband Repays Wife for 6 Months’ Worth of Breast Milk and Hard Work

Japanese Husband Repays Wife for 6 Months’ Worth of Breast Milk and Hard Work

April 27, 2018
A new mom in Japan decided to share one sweet story of how her husband celebrated their newborn’s half birthday on Twitter.
The new mom, identified as Daichichi, gave birth last October to a baby boy. As the baby is now 6 months old, Daichichi’s husband wanted to celebrate, only he made it all about the mom. He gave her a little note and a present, which she shared on Twitter:
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It reads (translated by SoraNews24):
“It’s not much, but this is in appreciation for the past six months. Use it however you’d like, and thank you for all your hard work.”
The husband then gave Daichichi 100,000 Japanese Yen ($935) for half a year’s worth of breast milk and hard work raising a baby.
It’s not a superficial matter of compensation, however. Months before, Daichichi joked with her husband that in the first year of a baby’s life, they require around $1,300 worth of formula, and she playfully wondered if she would be able to collect that much for her “services” since she decided to breastfeed.
The husband thought about what she said and decided his wife really did deserve something special, even for just being a mom.
Netizens congratulated the new mom who was truly moved by how her husband recognized her hard work. The only thing she regrets now is not thinking of anything to give to her husband for all the hard work he put in too.
Here’s to hoping for a bright future for the new and loving parents!
Feature Image via Wikimedia Commons / Staff Sgt. Cody Ramirez
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