Vietnamese Dad Never Says ‘I Love You,’ But Wears This T-Shirt Instead

Vietnamese Dad Never Says ‘I Love You,’ But Wears This T-Shirt Instead
Ryan General
August 26, 2019
A Vietnamese dad won over the hearts of thousands of Facebook users for his incredibly sweet yet subtle gesture of love for his wife, even when they are apart.
In a post on the popular Facebook group “subtle asian traits,” member Nhi Pham shared how her father expresses his deep love for his mom in his own sweet way.
“My dad never said ‘I love you’ to my mom and they always argue. But then when he’s on vacation without my mom, he wears a t-shirt with a photo of them printed on it and I think this is the sweetest thing 😍😍😍,” she wrote over the weekend.
Nhi attached an image of her dad, Can Pham, beaming a smile while wearing a shirt with a photo of him and his wife, Chi Dang. 
“My sister made 2 t-shirts for both of them. My mom didn’t even think that he is ever going to wear that,” Nhi tells NextShark.
“My dad said he wears that so he could miss her less on the trip lol. He thought it was a really simple act. It was a family trip but my mom has to stay and take care of her grandson (my nephew) so she couldn’t make it.”
Nhi with her mom, dad, niece, brother-in-law, and sister
Nhi, who is currently studying in the United States, shares that his parents and his sister are living in Vietnam.
“Dad came from a really poor family,”  she reveals. “His parents never really show love to him (like affection to each other), so he grew up doesn’t really know how to show affection.”
Nhi pointed out how her dad makes up for not saying “I love you” by showering them with affection in his own way.
“My dad is a jokester though. My family always like to do stuff that stands out, that’s why he wears that shirt. He literally wears that t-shirt everywhere lol,” she added.
Can fooling around with his brother (left) and playing with his grandchild (right)
According to Nhi, her mom was delighted but surprised by how many people loved her dad wearing the t-shirt. 
“She didn’t think that would attract so much attention,” she says. “They are really happy to see how many people have liked the photos and made them as ‘couple goals.’”
Nhi’s mom, Chi Dang, who married Can Pham when she was 18 years old in 1983, says he was her first love. They have been together for 36 years, so there is certainly a valid argument for them being actual “couple goals.”
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Featured Image via Nhi Pham
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