Actor/Singer Rain’s Parents Accused of Fraud After Borrowing $15,000 of Rice 30 Years Ago

Actor/Singer Rain’s Parents Accused of Fraud After Borrowing $15,000 of Rice 30 Years AgoActor/Singer Rain’s Parents Accused of Fraud After Borrowing $15,000 of Rice 30 Years Ago
Carl Samson
November 28, 2018
The singer Rain’s parents were accused of fraud in an online forum this week.
In a post on Nov. 26, a person identified as “A” claimed that Rain’s parents dodged the debt they had on his family.
“Singer rain’s parent borrowed money from my parents, then cut off contact,” Allkpop quoted A as writing.
According to A, Rain’s parents borrowed money in 1988. A’s parents ran a rice shop, while the Korean singer-actor’s parents ran a rice cake shop.
“In 1988, my parents ran a rice shop at Yongmun Market in Seoul, while Rain’s parent ran a rice cake shop,” A recalled. “[Rain’s parent] borrowed rice worth approximately 17 million won (around $15,000) as well as cash 8 million won (about $8,000) in cash.”
However, Rain’s parents allegedly defaulted over financial difficulty and disappeared completely.
“My parents continued to ask that they be requited for the amount, but Rain’s parent refused, arguing financial strain,” A claimed. “After a while, my parents gave up and asked for only the original amount in return, but Rain’s family disappeared.”
Rain at 17
A, whose parents are over 50, also shared a promissory note allegedly written by Rain’s parents to support his/her/their claim. The incident allegedly occurred more than 30 years ago and the time to sue had passed.
A claimed writing to Rain but failed to receive a reply. But he wants the star to pay back, “even if it is now.”
A’s accusation has spread across South Korean social media. In response, Rain’s agency, Rain Company, said that the artist will pay his parents’ debt when verified.
“Hello, this is Rain Company. On November 27, there was a post on an online community regarding our agency’s artist Rain’s mother. Because she is deceased, he had to verify the actual nature of the relationship,”  said the label according to Soompi.
Rain’s father apparently met A to discuss the issue. The latter allegedly requested to settle matters with 100 million won (around $88,700).
“We have confirmed that a representative of our company and Rain’s father personally met the netizen and tried to have a discussion. However, there was no IOU present when they met, and they were unable to check the original promissory note. [The netizen] claimed the relevant account book was at home, so they were unable to confirm [its existence].
“Additionally, the alleged victims have requested 100 million won as settlement money, for insulting and abusive language the family underwent.”
Without important documents present, the meeting did not turn out to be fruitful. However, the label confirmed that Rain will repay in full when A’s claims are supported through a fair verification process.
“In the end, as [Rain’s father and the company representative] were unable to verify the documents at the meeting, they made the decision that [the settlement money] was not just. Through a fair verification process of the amount of the debt the alleged victims are claiming to be owed, and after confirming the amount, Rain will take moral responsibility as a son and repay the full amount.”
Nevertheless, the label will take legal action against A’s side for defaming Rain and his family.
“However, the alleged victims are severely defaming the names of our artist Rain, his father, and especially his deceased mother, through malicious interviews and the expressions they have brought up (“disappearance,” “fraud,” “refusing to admit,” etc.).
“So that our artist and his family members’ good names will be restored, we will be proceeding with all possible legal procedures in civil and criminal cases.”
The allegation comes after parents of three South Korean rappers — Dok2, Microdot and Sanchez — were dragged into a similar controversy.
Images via Instagram / @rain_oppa
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