Filipina Singer’s Parents in Instagram Post are So Supportive I’m Crying

Filipina Singer’s Parents in Instagram Post are So Supportive I’m Crying
Ryan General
January 16, 2019
A video clip of Filipino parents expressing pure joy while watching their talented daughter sing has touched the hearts of many on
Initially posted on Twitter by 19-year-old Brianna Rubia, the video has been reposted on other platforms such as the Facebook group “subtle asian traits” where it gained massive traction.
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“When I said my parents were supportive, I wasn’t kidding 😂😂,” Brianna wrote as a caption to the adorable footage.
In the video, the extremely supportive parents, Sammy and Dadai Rubia, were shown enjoying a performance of Brianna’s younger sister Samantha.
Brianna tells NextShark that her parents often goof and joke around at home. She also revealed that they have always been supportive and helpful to their kids.
“My mother trained both of us how to sing, but it’s always been Sam who had the unique voice. I focused more on musical instruments like guitar, ukelele, and so on.”
Brianna shares that while she’d sing too sometimes, she would often play the guitar while her sister does the singing.
“I’ve written songs, but we’ve only sung them for close friends and family,” she added.
According to Brianna, their mom, a veteran, and their dad, a civil engineer, have both used their professions in uplifting the lives of rural folks in China when they were kids.  
“We moved to China when I was really young because my parents wanted to reach out to the poorest villagers there. We stayed for 12 years,” she revealed.
“My mom taught poor farmers how to raise livestock, and my dad built wells and water systems so they could have access to clean water. My parents did all that for free.”
She noted that their parents “wanted us to have experience, rather than just hear about people like them.”
“They’re always thinking of ways on how to help more people; they taught us important values just by living.”
Members of the Rubia family, who are now living in Davao City, Philippines, have got viewers asking for more hilarious antics from them.
“A lot have been asking us to open a YouTube channel and show what it’s like to be part of the Rubia family,” Brianna shared.
Feature image via Twitter / @rubiabrianna
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