Dad’s Heartwarming Comics About His Family Will Give You All Sorts of Feels

Dad’s Heartwarming Comics About His Family Will Give You All Sorts of Feels
Ryan General
December 18, 2018
An Asian American father has warmed 
Jonathan Jui, who lives in England with his wife Tina, and 3-year-old son BaoBao, regularly draws comic strips that mostly delve into the fascinating world of parenting.
The 34-year-old dad began his Instagram account soon after the birth of Baobao, whose name translates to “little treasure” in Chinese.
The many quirks from their daily life are featured in hilarious comics which are brought to life by Jui’s adorable artwork.
Baobao’s funny comments also make an occasional appearance.
Their daily interactions are very relatable, especially for those who are also parents of toddlers.
Some strips feature a more serious tone, such as this one depicting a solo trip with Baobao that made him appreciate the “mental load” his wife Tina carries when she’s watching over him.
“I know there are greater societal implications at play when it comes to the mental load and that I’m not exactly changing the paradigm in my own home (yet?)… But I suppose it starts with awareness,” Jui notes.
One comic featured an fascinating story about how he and Tina met and fell in love.
In an interview with Buzzfeed, Jui shared a little background about their relationship:

“We overlapped for one year in Beijing when we were 12 before she moved back to Michigan and I moved back to Ohio. I guess you could say we were middle school sweethearts (I took her to the end-of-year formal after all). We kept in touch over the years through the letters and would grab a meal if we ever crossed paths, but for the next 15 years, one of us always had a significant other.

We were finally both single at the same time when we were 27. She was working in LA and my parents were living in San Diego. She told me to come to visit the next time I was seeing my folks. I did, and the rest is history!”
Jui then shared that the comics are meant to allow him to document his life as a dad and husband.
“I was just getting into drawing for the first time, so I knew my drawings would suck,” he said, noting how he initially felt unsure of sharing them online.
Jui was eventually inspired to continue making more comics after receiving a universally positive reaction from netizens.
“I like to think of Instagram as a small community of parents laughing, sympathizing, and commiserating together,” Jui revealed.
“Parents often don’t have time to catch up with friends or other parents, but social media allows for these sort of flash interactions that don’t require the time commitment or scheduling, but yield a lot in terms of bonding and socializing…which is important and very convenient!”
Featured image via Instagram/ jonajooey
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