Boy Sold By Parents for $17,000 Finally Reunited With Grandparents

Boy Sold By Parents for $17,000 Finally Reunited With Grandparents
Bryan Ke
February 4, 2019
A 3-year-old boy who was sold by his own parents last year has finally been reunited with his grandparents who raised him since he was 8 months old.
The child, who is from Fujian Province, China was sold in 2018 after his parents paid 120,000 yuan ($17,816).
According to South China Morning Post, the couple split the money by taking 60,000 yuan ($8,895) each.
The grandfather only learned of the situation after visiting his son who was locked up for drug charges in December.
How can they be so cruel?” the man said, referring to his son and daughter-in-law. “My wife and I can support him if they cannot afford to raise him. How could they sell him?”
During the father’s interrogation, police learned that the man and his wife sold the boy to a couple they met at a park in Jinjiang on January 17.
Fortunately, officers were able to track down his “adoptive” parents, and DNA test results proved the relationship of the boy to his grandfather.
[During their last visit,] they said they were his parents and they had the right to decide what to do with him. Before that, they would take him away, but always brought him back at night,” the grandfather said.
The parents are now facing criminal liability for selling the boy while the buyers have reportedly been detained by the police.
Parents selling their children to strangers is not uncommon in China.
Last year, a mother sold her baby to child traffickers so she could have money for shopping, while another man sold his daughter because he wanted a son.
Then in 2017, a Chinese couple sold their newborn baby online for about 60,000 yuan ($9,000).
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