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#MeToo leader Tina Tchen resigns due to criticism that she did not support Gov Cuomo sexual harassment accuser

Times Up CEO Tina Tchen resigns, #metoo

Tina Tchen officially announced her resignation as Time’s Up CEO amid the aftermath of Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s sexual harassment scandal.

The resignation: In her Twitter post on Thursday, Tchen, the former chief of staff for Michelle Obama, said she was not the leader who could help Time’s Up, a women’s rights organization and legal fund, move forward and evolve, CNN reported.

Why Are Asian Women So Absent In The Women’s March? We’re Sick Of The Hypocrisy

women's march

The 2017 Women’s March drew in 500,000 to one million protestors in Washington alone, and in New York, over 400,000 women reportedly took part that year. This year, just 100,000 women marched in Washington and 25,000 in New York. In fact, participation rates for the Women’s March have fallen dramatically across the country.

Advocates of these movements and journalists have been scrambling for an explanation to reassure their audiences, claiming that dips in participation are normal in social justice movements. But of course, this doesn’t show the whole picture.

Woody Allen’s Wife Soon-Yi Breaks Her Silence to Defend Her Husband

After decades of media silence, Soon-Yi Previn, the wife of Woody Allen, spoke in length surrounding her early life with adopted mother Mia Farrow and about the allegations that Allen molested his daughter Dylan Farrow.

In an interview published by New York Magazine on Sunday, Previn said Dylan Farrow was merely spreading lies about Allen while taking advantage of the recent conversation about sexual harassment in Hollywood.

Singaporean YouTuber Accused By Multiple Women of Rape, Gross Sexual Harassment

A Singaporean YouTuber is the latest figure caught up in the #MeToo movement that has been sweeping across Asia, with victims coming forward one by one to accuse him of sexual harassment.

Eden Ang, who has some 173,000 subscribers on YouTube, first came under fire in late January when a Facebook user named Kuroe Kun claimed that he harassed her friend and that Singaporean police did nothing after hearing the situation.

What Does Asian Feminism Mean To Me?

Asian Feminism

Editor’s Note: Eliza Romero is a Baltimore-based, Filipino-American fashion blogger and pop culture writer behind the website Aesthetic Distance. The views expressed in this piece are solely her own.

Asian feminism is much different from all the other female social movements like mainstream White and Black feminism. We are mistakenly lumped in with White women’s movements and not considered women of color like Latina and Black women. (The latter applies mostly to light-skinned East Asian women since Southeast Asian women never seem to have a voice in that circle either.) And while most Asian women believe this intellectually, they don’t seem to understand how to apply it to their own feminism.

L.A. Times’ Beijing Chief ‘Deeply Sorry’ After Being Accused of Pressuring Woman For Sex

Amid a rising #MeToo movement in China, Los Angeles Times Beijing Bureau Chief Jonathan Kaiman came under fire after a woman accused him Thursday of pressuring her into having sex.

In a Medium post on Jan. 11, Laura Tucker — a former friend and roommate in Beijing — described how Kaiman made her feel “very pressured and very awkward” one night in March 2013.