Japanese Woman Groped on the Train for 6 YEARS as a Teen Writes Book About Experience

Japanese Woman Groped on the Train for 6 YEARS as a Teen Writes Book About Experience
Carl Samson
January 22, 2018
A Japanese woman who was
Groping in public transportation, or “chikan”, is an arguably tolerated phenomenon in Japan. Schoolgirls are common victims, usually of overworked men seeking outlets to release stress.
In the aptly-titled “Tchikan,” Kumi Sasaki shared stories of the daily groping she suffered from the ages of 12 to 18 — her middle and high school years, according to Courrier.
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She recalled her first chikan incident (translation via SoraNews24):
“The fingers of his unfamiliar hand went inside the collar of my blouse. Then he touched my back, he touched my legs, my waist, even my butt. He placed his hand directly under the cheeks, quietly raising up my skirt by just moving his fingers, and he touched my left thigh under my skirt.”
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That would only be the beginning of Sasaki’s nightmares. Over the next six years, she was groped and by men of all ages, from the late teens to their 70s.
The endless chikan eventually took such an emotional and mental toll on Sasaki that she thought of killing herself; thankfully, she confided in her friend about the harassment, and through their bond she was saved.
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Sasaki, who now lives in Paris, published the book in French. The title sees a growing success since its launch in October 2017.
She hopes that by putting her book out there, many with similar groping and harassment experiences will be inspired to have courage and finally come forward. It’s her way of starting Japan’s #MeToo movement!
The title, co-authored by French writer Emmanuel Arnaud, is available on Amazon France.
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