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Father in China gifts his son 20 properties to help him attract a wife

find wife
  • A Chinese father reportedly gifted his son with 20 properties in a bid to help him find a wife.
  • The anonymous father met with a matchmaker who filmed the meeting and brought a pink bag containing 20 deeds for the properties he bought his son.
  • The father described his son as a “decent man” with “a very promising job,” and the matchmaker, Zhang, promised to find the man’s son a good wife.
  • Zhang’s video, which was posted across various Chinese social media platforms, sparked an online debate in which some praised the father for helping his son, while others questioned the son’s ability to find his own partner.

To help his son find a wife, a father from Hebei Province in northern China gifted his 24-year-old son with 20 properties.

After seeing his son participate in a matchmaking corner, a public area where matchmakers hold meetings with parents and their single children, the anonymous father was motivated to find a prospective daughter-in-law. 

Chinese woman who suffered child loss, divorce and paralysis finds love with her best friend’s son

woman marries friends son
  • After losing her son and becoming paralyzed in an accident, a 34-year-old Chinese woman found love with her best friend’s son.
  • Yin Houping first met her best friend Huang Junping, 51, in 2014 when the two became neighbors in Yichang of central China’s Hubei Province.
  • In 2014, Yin lost her 3-year-old son in a drowning accident and became paralyzed two years later after she was hit by a falling tree branch in 2016.
  • Yin’s husband asked for a divorce shortly after her accident, which Yin finally accepted in 2020 when her husband took custody of their daughter.
  • After the divorce was settled, Huang suggested that Yin go on a date with her now-30-year-old son Zhao Yingfeng.
  • The couple eventually married in 2021 and are now expecting their first child in two months.

A 34-year-old Chinese woman who suffered a harrowing series of life events, including child loss, divorce and paralysis, has found love with her best friend’s son.

Yin Houping first met her best friend, Huang Junping, 51, in 2014 when the two became neighbors in Yichang, Hubei Province in central China. Yin’s 3-year-old son had recently fatally drowned, and Huang comforted Yin through her grief, reported South China Morning Post.

Crash Landing, I do: Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin tie the knot in Seoul

crash landing on you marriage
  • “Crash Landing On You” actors Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin got married on March 31 at the Grand Walkerhill hotel in Seoul.
  • “We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for sending your blessings and warm wishes to the couple as they embark on their new journey together,” their agencies said in a statement.
  • The actors announced their engagement in February after having dated for two years.

Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin have officially tied the knot. 

No, they didn’t get married along the scenic lakes of Switzerland as some “Crash Landing on You” fans might have envisioned, but their real-life wedding photos from the edge of Seoul are just as stunning.

‘Luckily her number was the same as it was 20 years ago’: DJ Koo and actress Barbie Hsu set to marry

Koo Jun-Yup Barbie Hsu
  • On Tuesday, Korean musician DJ Koo took to Instagram to announce his marriage to Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu.
  • The two had originally dated and broken up 20 years ago after meeting at a concert in Taiwan.
  • Hsu went on to marry businessman Wang Xiaofei in 2011, with whom she has two children.
  • In his post, DJ Koo described how he had dialed Hsu’s number from 20 years before — and luckily she picked up. The two rekindled their romance and got married soon after.
  • DJ Koo gained fame in the late 1990s to early 2000s as a member of musical duo Clon. Hsu has starred in several notable dramas, including “Meteor Garden” and its sequel, “Meteor Garden II.”

DJ Koo and Barbie Hsu are getting married nearly 20 years after they broke up.

On March 8, Korean DJ and producer Koo Jun-Yup, 52, announced on his Instagram that he would be marrying his ex-girlfriend, Taiwanese actress Hsu, 45. The two had briefly dated 20 years ago after first meeting at a Taiwanese concert. They eventually broke up, and Hsu went on to marry Chinese businessman Wang Xiaofei in 2011, with whom she has two children. The pair announced their divorce in November 2021.

Deaf father-in-law offers heartwarming marriage advice to son-in-law in viral TikTok

deaf father tiktok
  • In a video shared on his TikTok account @silveryoungfam, Silver Young shows his deaf father-in-law offering heartwarming advice after Young had a disagreement with his wife.
  • Young explains that his father-in-law became deaf after an illness he had contracted as a child in Laos.
  • The father-in-law tells Young “to be patient,” citing his experience with his own wife and telling the son-in-law that he has “a big heart.”
  • Many users commented on the sweet moment, praising the father-in-law for his kind nature.

In a viral video shared on his TikTok account @silveryoungfam, Silver Young shared with viewers a heartwarming moment in which his father-in-law offers marital advice after seeing Young have a disagreement with his wife.

The video starts off with Young explaining that his father-in-law had become deaf after an illness he had as a child in Laos. He then says that although his father-in-law cannot speak, “he has a soft heart.”

Hundreds of Singapore couples to tie the knot on ‘auspicious,’ once-in-a-lifetime 2/22/22 date

Singapore Weddings
  • Hundreds of couples in Singapore are planning their wedding for 2/22/22.
  • This once-in-a-lifetime date is considered lucky in the Chinese calendar due to its all even numbers, with many brides also convinced it will make the anniversary date easier to remember for forgetful grooms.
  • Almost 500 couples have registered for weddings on the palindromic date.

Nearly 500 couples in Singapore have registered to get married on 2/22/22, a special date that is believed to be lucky in the Chinese calendar. 

Although Valentine’s Day is often considered in many countries to be the most romantic date of the year, couples in Singapore are choosing 2/22/22 as their date to tie the knot since it will only happen once, making the wedding day feel extra special. So if you and your lover are one of them, it would be extravagant to have it on locations like the wedding venues in Flagstaff.

Chinese father tries to kill himself because his son is still unmarried at 29

Shanghai Railway Station
  • A Chinese father was rushed to the hospital after he attempted to kill himself by overdosing on pesticides at Shanghai Railway Station on Jan. 22.
  • His suicide note revealed he has “lived a life of shame” because his 29-year-old son has yet to find a partner and have his own family.
  • The father was also upset because his son was not making enough money while working in Shanghai.

WARNING: The video in this article contains violent imagery and mentions of suicide that may be disturbing to some viewers.

A Chinese man who survived an apparent suicide by pesticide overdose at a train station in China revealed he did it, because he was ashamed his son was still single at 29 years old.

‘Even if you can’t see anything, I’ll become your eyes’: Chinese man set to remarry seriously ill ex-wife

Man wants to remarry ex-wife after learning about her serious illness

A Chinese man is being recognized locally for rekindling his relationship with his ex-wife after finding out about her debilitating illness.

In sickness and in health: When Chen Zhenfeng, 38, learned that his ex-wife Xie Hongxia, 35, was suffering from kidney failure (end-stage renal disease), he decided he would take care of her, reported 8world per Mashable.

‘Konkatsu’: 1 in 6 Japanese marriages are a result of spouse hunting services

Japan marriages through matchmaking services konkatsu

One out of every six couples who were married in Japan last year were reportedly brought together by a matchmaking service known locally as “konkatsu.”

Konkatsu later: According to a recent survey, matchmaking activities, which include events and parties organized by marriage agencies and similar online services, accounted for 16.5% of all marriages in 2020, reported Nippon

Japanese Wife Starts Daily List of Why She Shouldn’t Kill Her Husband

japanese wife

A woman in Japan has amused and creeped out Twitter users at the same time after her husband revealed why she started keeping track of the good things he does.

In a tweet posted Sept. 21, user @P_chan_papa shared that his wife recently started a list of “little things she’s grateful for,” which included activities such as buying her tea and taking care of their daughter.