Man hides clues to marriage proposal in gifts to girlfriend over 6-year period

Man hides clues to marriage proposal in gifts to girlfriend over 6-year period
via @kubaozi
Isa Peralta
May 3, 2023
As a reminder to never settle for less, a TikTok user has shared a video about her boyfriend’s thoughtful marriage proposal that started back in 2017.
On Monday, TikTok user Ravelyn Ong (@kubaozi) posted a nearly three-minute video about the proposal, which occurred on April 23.
“He has been planning and HIDING this proposal, Since 2017 … 6 years ago,” Ong says at the start of her video.
She then shares that her boyfriend, Nigel Chua, “always calls himself, Man with a Plan’” before explaining how he proposed.
On April 3, Chua sent Ong an email with “instructions on how to proceed.” She followed her boyfriend’s instructions, which included opening a combination lock box that was gifted to her in 2018, partly decoding a message in Morse code written on origami otters that were gifted to her in 2017 and combining various letters together.
“This board of otters he gifted me back in 2017, on my 23rd birthday. It’s been in my room for 6 years. The clues are in the otters,” Ong noted.
By April 17, the TikTok user’s decoded message was still missing a few letters. On April 23, while celebrating a friend’s birthday party, Ong was led to Singapore Botanic Gardens’ Swan Lake Gazebo, where Chua finally proposed.
At the end of her video, Ong shared that Chua had hidden the missing letters in a lavender-infused pouch gifted on Ong’s 25th birthday in 2019.
“Little did I know, the missing letters are in there for the past 4 years… I’m still in disbelief that he already has plans to Marry me all the way back in 2017,” the TikTok user wrote. “When every single clues leading up to this day has been in my room for the past 6 years.”

Several TikTok users were quick to comment on Ong’s now-viral video, which has over 544,000 views and more than 69,300 likes.
“He saw a future with you and he made the commitment with those plans,” one user gushed.
“BAR IS RAISED NOW PEOPLE,” another user wrote.
“Thank you for reminding us to not settle for less,” another declared.

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