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Logan Paul admits his apology for video showing human remains at Japan’s suicide forest was ‘half-ass’

Logan Paul apology
  • American YouTuber-turned-boxer Logan Paul has admitted he gave a “half-assed” apology days after receiving backlash against his infamous “suicide forest” vlog in December 2017.
  • “You know character shifts are gradual and they don’t happen overnight. That’s why you see these creators or anyone who makes a colossal mistake and myself included with a half-*ssed apology,” Paul, 26, said.
  • Paul drew widespread criticism online for showing a dead body while filming a vlog during his Japan trip in late December 2017. He posted a video and a written apology days afterward.

American YouTuber-turned-boxer Logan Paul has admitted to giving a “half-ass” apology after receiving backlash for showing a dead body he and his team encountered at Japan’s suicide forest.

Speaking to Ariel Helwani ofThe MMA Hour,” Paul, 26, revealed details about life after he posted his “half-assed” apology online, saying Japan was the “biggest blessing” of his life in hindsight.

Jake Paul says he struggled with suicidal thoughts after his brother Logan’s ‘suicide forest’ controversy

Jake Paul Struggles with Suicidal Ideation

YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul has recently opened up about the struggles he faced during the height of Logan Paul’s controversial Aokigahara forest (famously known as the “suicide forest”) video, revealing that he was also affected by the backlash.

In a dark place: Speaking to journalist Graham Bensinger on Wednesday, Paul, 24, revealed he lost many brand deals — including a $10 million deal with Target —  despite not being in his brother’s video. 

Indonesian YouTuber Inspired By Logan Paul Films Dead Body in Japan’s ‘S‌ui‌c‌id‌e Forest’

Suicide Forest

A popular Indonesian YouTuber has sparked controversy online after visiting Japan’s “sui‌c‌id‌‌e forest” and “pulling a Logan Paul” in an apparent bid to gain more views and ad revenue money.

In his latest video, aspiring rapper Qory explored the infamous Aokigahara Forest in Japan with his friends in search of the dead bodies of s‌uic‌id‌e victims.

Logan Paul Doesn’t Think Harassing People With Pokéballs in Japan Was Culturally Insensitive

Logan Paul does not think he was being culturally insensitive when he displayed his obnoxious behavior during his infamous trip to Japan earlier this year.  

Paul, who earned universal outrage after posting the “suicide forest” video in January, recently sat down with popular filmmaker/YouTube creator Casey Neistat for a one-on-one interview.