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Indonesian YouTuber Inspired By Logan Paul Films Dead Body in Japan’s ‘S‌ui‌c‌id‌e Forest’

Suicide Forest

A popular Indonesian YouTuber has sparked controversy online after visiting Japan’s “sui‌c‌id‌‌e forest” and “pulling a Logan Paul” in an apparent bid to gain more views and ad revenue money.

In his latest video, aspiring rapper Qory explored the infamous Aokigahara Forest in Japan with his friends in search of the dead bodies of s‌uic‌id‌e victims.

Logan Paul Doesn’t Think Harassing People With Pokéballs in Japan Was Culturally Insensitive

Logan Paul does not think he was being culturally insensitive when he displayed his obnoxious behavior during his infamous trip to Japan earlier this year.  

Paul, who earned universal outrage after posting the “suicide forest” video in January, recently sat down with popular filmmaker/YouTube creator Casey Neistat for a one-on-one interview.

Logan Paul Has Finally Done Something Unforgivable in YouTube’s Eyes

After filming a suicide victim’s dead body, terrorizing Japanese citizens with tasteless pranks, and exhibiting racism towards Asians in the past, Logan Paul has finally done something unforgivable in the eyes of YouTube.

In one of his latest VLogs, Paul films himself fishing Koi fish out of a pond and trying to give it CPR, then tasering two dead rats on his patio. This sparked outrage from PETA, calling for the video to be removed from YouTube.