Filming a Dead Body is Not the Only Messed Up Thing Logan Paul Did in Japan

Filming a Dead Body is Not the Only Messed Up Thing Logan Paul Did in Japan

January 4, 2018

Aside from tastelessly filming a suicide victim’s body, laughing at it, and then posting it for profit on YouTube, Logan Paul’s Japan trip in general is full of despicable and disrespectful stunts in public and on unsuspecting Japanese people.

The extreme backlash to the “suicide forest” video was expected, forcing Paul to apologize and take a break from YouTube.

But while many were focused on Paul horrifically disrespecting a suicide victim and his family (and rightfully so), his VLOGS in Japan are also enraging.

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For one, he paraded around in a traditional Japanese kimono and a conical hat, mocking Asian stereotypes.

He made cat eating jokes, because cat eating jokes in Asia are so funny har har har!

He disrespected major landmarks in Tokyo.

Paul asked a Japanese waitress to say “Pikachu”.

He threw Pokéballs at random Japanese pedestrians and cars on the streets in order to “catch them”.

He bought raw fish to terrorize people on the streets, then left it on top of a random taxi cab.

He refers to Japan is playground — maybe just to him.

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How is anything of this funny? Japanese Vlogger Reina Scully said it best in a YouTube video condemning Paul for his actions.

“The way he behaves — there’s definitely a sliver of when people used to talked down to me because I was foreign.”
“I really really see that in his vlogs and it bothers me,” Scully Said in the video.
“I really do think that maybe he doesn’t see us on the same level of human being as him. I think that’s perhaps why he was able to do such a horrid thing, like interacting with a body that has passed.”
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