12 Asian Influencers You Should Follow Instead of Logan Paul

12 Asian Influencers You Should Follow Instead of Logan Paul
Heather Johnson Yu
January 5, 2018
Has this ever happened to you? You log onto YouTube, eager to watch your favorite internet personality do wacky things, but wouldn’t you know it — they disrespectfully decide to film a suicide victim’s dead body instead?
Yikes. Just gotta throw the whole Logan out at that point. Maybe even Jake for good measure.
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“Look at us, we take your money and we’re gonna brag about it! Cool, right?” Pfft.
Although Logan Paul has already lost a lot of followers, he’s gaining more each and every day, which is just…sad. And undeserved. You know why? Because there are better influencers out there to watch instead of that dumpster fire of a human being.
And because we’re Asian-focused…well, you know the drill. Here’s 12 Asian Influencers you should totally follow instead of trash person Logan Paul.


via Instagram / (Left): markipliergram | Twitter / (Right): Lyniplier
Mark Fischbach, better known by his online name, Markiplier, is one of the most successful YouTubers in the history of the platform. Markiplier, who is of Korean descent, is famous for his gaming channel, where he plays video games and records his outrageous, exaggerated reactions. He also makes inspirational videos that send encouragement to his fans, and his personality is positive, bubbly, and uplifting. And that voice? Definitely perfect for the job!


via Instagram / (Left): fruitypoppin | (Right): fruitypoppin
Following Karen Ip, better known by her Instagram name, Fruitypoppin, will be the best thing you do in 2018, guaranteed. If you’re not already following this extremely funny lady, you’re missing out. Fruitypoppin posts a lot of relateable content for all types of audiences, but she also makes humorous clips that Asian kids can relate to. Forget to cook the rice? She’s got a video for that. Asian pillow power? She has one for that, too. Picking up your bullshit with chopsticks? She’ll do that…eventually. Lots of laughs here!

Wong Fu Productions

via wongfuproductions.com
You’re probably already following Wong Fu Productions. Surely, you’ve at least heard of them. But they had to be included on this list for being totally OG. Founded in 2003 by Philip Wang, Wesley Chan, and Ted Fu, their short videos turned into massive productions, with some of their films even being featured at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival, San Diego Asian Film Festival, and the Cannes Film Festival. Now they’re an entire production company, working with some of the biggest names in Asian-American media.

Vietglish Fun

via YouTube / (Left): Vietglish Fun | FaceBook / (Right): Vsa At Usf
What do you get when you mix trending pop songs with traditional Vietnamese music? Vietglish Fun, that’s what! Kayla Nguyen’s unique approach to song covers is always a treat to watch. No one is safe from her Vietnamese makeover; Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, and even Drake have had their songs translated into Vietnamese — sometimes even accompanied by her Đàn Tranh! She also makes original content, teaching viewers how to speak Vietnamese through song. Love her!


via Instagram / (Left) NateWantsToBtl | (Right): NateWantsToBtl
We love Nathan Sharp — better known by his online name, NateWantsToBattle — since he voices our favorite dad in the indie game, Dream Daddy. Before that, Nate, who is of Korean heritage, became famous for making his own gaming content. His fans love him for his original songs about their favorite games and his uplifting, positive videos where he inspires people do do their best and love themselves. Now he’s branching out into the music world, making his own songs and touring the globe.

Liza Koshy

via Instagram / (Left): LizaKoshy | (Right): LizaKoshy
Do you have a favorite Lizzza video? Haaaa, impossible — they’re all amazing. Liza Koshy, a self-professed “little Brown girl with big dreams”, got her start on Vine, where her exaggerated facial expressions and relatable content helped her gain a massive following. She’s since branched out to YouTube, where she’s amassed 13 million subscribers who love her hilarious videos. Her content goes from dorky humor to real talk about the issues that matter, so there’s a little bit of everything for everyone.


via Instagram / (Left): seouljyu | FaceBook / (Right): Seouljyu
Okay, now this guy we love. Seouljyu, aka Johnny Versace or Johnathan Yu, is a hip-hop artist turned social media influencer who cracks us up with his hilarious videos. He’s arguably most famous for his portrayal of an exaggerated Korean mother, but his Korean drama/Hollywood movie mashups are absolutely spot-on. He also works with a lot of other AAPI social media influencers, making comedy videos comparing the South East Asian upbringing to the East Asian experience.

Natalie Tran

via Instagram / (Left): realnatalietran | (Right): realnatalietran
Natalie Tran and YouTube go way back — waaaaaaaay back. Starting in 2006, Tran, who hails from Australia, has made VLog-style videos for over a decade. In 2010, she made a travel series with Lonely Planet, chronicling her journey around the world to hot destinations such as Paris, Egypt, Los Angeles, and New York. In 2017, she released a one-of-a-kind, hotly debated mini-doc exploring attitudes and perceptions towards the Asian woman/White man romantic pairing, funded by Creators for Change. Living the dream life!


via Instagram / (Left) ricefeed | (Right): asianmenarehottoo
The man. The myth. The legend himself. Ryan Higa, also known by his online name, NigaHiga, is one of the original YouTubers and definitely one of the funniest. It’s impossible not to think of Higa when making top YouTuber lists, as his name is practically synonymous with the platform. His relatable comedy skits have been entertaining his 20 million subscribers for years, so while we’re sure you’re following him already, it’d be a travesty not to include him. Which NigaHiga video is your favorite? Ours? All of them.

Anna Akana

via Instagram / (Left): annaakana | (Right): annaakana
Anna Akana probably gets this question asked a lot, so we’re gonna go ahead and let you know for the record: she has Japanese, Filipino, Hawaiian, Irish, German, Spanish, French, and English ancestry. Akana got her start in comedy onstage, but due to anxiety, she switched to YouTube in 2011. She has since amassed over a million followers and has even given stand-up a second chance. She is also a vocal advocate for suicide-prevention after her sister killed herself in 2007, her comedy being a coping-mechanism for the traumatic event.

Domics (Dominic Panganiban)

via domics.me | FaceBook / domics
Dominic Panganiban, better known by his online name, Domics, doesn’t regularly show his face in the same way as other YouTubers; instead, he illustrates his life in hilarious, relatable, animated videos. With nearly five million subscribers, his popularity is certainly a force to be reckoned with, and each of his videos often rack up millions of views in their respective lifetimes. He also illustrates comics outside of YouTube, and they’re just…so funny. So funny.

Arden Cho

via Instagram / (Left): arden_cho | (Right): arden_cho
This Texan native is best known for her role as Kira Yukimura on “Teen Wolf“, but Arden Cho also makes her own content on YouTube. She got her start in modeling, getting big in Asia before coming back to the States for acting gigs. She’s worked closely with other social media influencers, such as Anna Akana and Ryan Higa, and has even released her own music. Her instagram betrays her modeling background, with each post showcasing her beautiful, enviable life.
So what do you think? Did we include your favorite, or did we leave them out? Let us know in the comments!
Featured Image via Twitter / (Left): AnnaAkana | Instagram / (Right): asianmenarehottoo
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