Logan Paul’s Dad Thinks People Calling Out His Son’s Racism are Just ‘Haters’

Logan Paul’s Dad Thinks People Calling Out His Son’s Racism are Just ‘Haters’Logan Paul’s Dad Thinks People Calling Out His Son’s Racism are Just ‘Haters’
Last week, Logan Paul announced that he would be taking a break from VLogging to reflect on the now infamous incident wherein he decided to film a suicide victim’s dead body in Japan’s Aokigahara, known to outsiders as “Suicide Forest”.
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This week, Greg Paul, Logan Paul’s father, took to Instagram to let his 554,000 followers know that his son would be back and that everyone speaking negatively about the incident was merely a “hater”.
“Yooo, folks, what’s happening?! GP comin’ atcha,” Greg Paul started. “Hey, couple things, wanna let everybody know that Logan is coming back, that is a definite,” he said, assuring his fans that their beloved YouTuber would return.
After giving some updates on a personal project he’d been working on, Greg Paul once again addressed his son’s scandal. “The amount of love that has been coming has been unbelievable,” he said of his son’s fans. “The amount of people showing support is unbelievable. And I am now calling you guys super fans.”
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He then downplayed the backlash his son has received, calling those who would criticize his actions “haters”. “It’s crazy — the haters think they’re having an effect on us, and if the haters knew how much love was out there and how much support was out there, they’d shut their freakin’ mouths.
“The haters will never ever have an effect on the Paul family in the way that they wanna make it happen, ’cause the love is too strong. We all make mistakes. Dr. Phil even said ‘Hey, Logan’s a good kid, he made a mistake, he’s 22 years old’.
“Push through it, get over it, and keep movin’ on.”
Last year, Greg Paul gave better definition to what he believed haters are: “Having Anger Toward Everyone Reaching Success”.
Greg Paul’s response begs the question as to whether or not Logan Paul will reflect on how severe the incident truly is, as writing off those who find actual criticism with his behavior as “haters” may reduce his motivation to take responsibility for his actions.
Meanwhile, in the wake of the scandal, Logan Paul has upped his home security amidst the backlash, a telling indicator that the “haters” may have had an impact on him after all.
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