Logan Paul admits his apology for video showing human remains at Japan’s suicide forest was ‘half-ass’

Logan Paul admits his apology for video showing human remains at Japan’s suicide forest was ‘half-ass’Logan Paul admits his apology for video showing human remains at Japan’s suicide forest was ‘half-ass’
Bryan Ke
March 2, 2022
American YouTuber-turned-boxer Logan Paul has admitted to giving a “half-ass” apology after receiving backlash for showing a dead body he and his team encountered at Japan’s suicide forest.
Speaking to Ariel Helwani ofThe MMA Hour,” Paul, 26, revealed details about life after he posted his “half-assed” apology online, saying Japan was the “biggest blessing” of his life in hindsight.
I needed a reset,” he said, “I needed life to check me, and it did. I became a person that I ended up loving instead of becoming that jackass because I was headed down a nasty path that was validated by clout, money, fame, wealth, which is all superficial bullsh*t, and it doesn’t make a person great.”
You know character shifts are gradual and they don’t happen overnight. That’s why you see these creators or anyone who makes a colossal mistake and myself included with a half-assed apology,” he later said.
And then you come back with a little bit better of an apology. Now you got two f*cking apology videos out there and because you kind of understand. But you don’t really and you are still the same person who made the mistake. You know it was wrong but not really why.”
Paul ignited controversy after posting a video in December 2017 that he and his team filmed while vlogging in the Aokigahara forest, also known as Japan’s “suicide forest,” as NextShark previously reported. The YouTuber showed the corpse of a man they stumbled upon while filming.
Days after the infamous incident, Paul posted a written statement and a video on Twitter in which he apologized for his actions.
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However, the backlash Paul received also affected his younger brother, Jake, as revealed in an interview with Graham Bensinger in December 2021. The younger Paul brother admitted the controversy caused him to lose a $10 million deal with Target and also led to “dark thoughts” in his mind, as NextShark previously reported.
The older Paul brother admitted to Helwani that he cannot watch the videos he posted before 2018.
I think it’s a childish version of myself,” he said. “I actually can’t believe it’s the same person. I’ve considered removing all those videos, but I think evolution, and natural growth and failure is [sic] important… I am from an authentic place as well, I’ll openly and honestly admit that I fail a lot, and I f*ck up a lot. And hopefully, those numbers go down the more I grow and the more I learn.”
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