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Why Mongolians Are Champions of Surviving Harsh Winters

We’re smack dab in the middle of winter, and for those of us living closer to the North and South Poles, it’s cold. Really, really cold. Of course, many of us have the privilege of sweaters, indoor heating, and Asian blankets, so we can’t truly complain about how cold it is (like that’s going to stop us).

But not all methods of battling the bitter cold are equal, and many societies adapted to harsh climates in their own unique way. Never has this been more true than in Mongolia, with its traditionally nomadic people dotting its vast, expansive landscapes for centuries.

Meet the Adorable Little Girl Who’s China’s Youngest Backpacker

At just five years old, Wenwen has been to places many other backpackers have never been. The little girl’s parents believe that their daughter could learn more from experiences rather than school.

South China Morning Post reported a story of a backpacker family of four who has traveled to the Himalayan mountain range and to the forests of Southern Asia. Tagging along with them are their kids, an eight-year-old son and their internet famous daughter, Wenwen.

Yale Study Says Reading Books Can Help You Live Longer

It turns out bookworms don’t just get increased knowledge and vocabulary from reading books, they also tend to live a bit longer, a recent study suggests.

According to a research published online last month in Social Science & Health, reading books may have a direct link to an extended lifespan, reported Quartz. However, while reading magazines or newspapers posed a positive association with longevity, it reportedly did not provide the same effect.

Sarcastic People All Have One Thing in Common: They’re More Creative Than You

Both those who express and receive sarcasm think more creatively because of it, according to research.

Differing from conventional wisdom that sarcasm is only for tearing things down, the study, conducted by a team of researchers from Harvard Business School, Columbia Business School, and European business school Insead, found that the processes of formulating and deciphering sarcasm helps build creativity.

People Who Worry All The Time May Have a Surprising Advantage

While worrywarts generally have to live with more stress, recent research indicates one of the tradeoffs may be higher intelligence.

For their study published late last year in the journal Personality and Individual Differences, Alexander Penny and a team of his Lakehead University colleagues assessed the moods, anxiety levels and intelligence, among other variables, of 126 student participants.

After Losing His Business and Facing Depression, One Simple Change Turned Everything Around

If there was an award for someone who’s the definition of “against all odds,” Hal Elrod would be a solid candidate for it. For starters, he started his first business at the age of 15 as a mobile Disc Jockey. At that time, he was already making $100/hr, not bad for a young teen. At 19, he joined a company called Cutco, a company known to specifically target young people to sell their knife products. The company has been accused of being a “pyramid scheme” or a “scam,” but regardless of what everyone thinks, Hal became one of the top sales reps in the history of the company. For Hal to achieve such shows how good of a sales person he already was at such a young age.

Hal hit his first major roadblock in life when he was 20. After his success at Cutco, the company always asked him to give motivational speeches to other reps. One night, after one of these speeches, he was struck head-on by a drunk driver going the wrong direction on the freeway at 70 miles an hour. The left side of his body was crushed and he was pronounced dead at the scene, but he somehow survived and was left in a coma for six days. When he finally woke up, doctors told him that he had permanent brain damage and would never walk again. After a couple weeks, not only did he defy all logic of the doctors and had a miraculous recovery, but he also went on to become a marathon runner and go back to work to be inducted in Cutco’s Hall of Fame.