10 Traits Every Entrepreneur Needs in a Significant Other

10 Traits Every Entrepreneur Needs in a Significant Other10 Traits Every Entrepreneur Needs in a Significant Other
Most mentors will advise young entrepreneurs to not get involved in a relationship, especially when their startups are really popping off- being in a relationship is just too risky no one wants an emotionally compromised founder to lose sight of the company’s best interest. Being a with an entrepreneur isn’t easy either- there is never a surplus of time and attention and an average relationship would never survive. “Just get a pet” is the quick answer to this problem.
Of course there are the more romantic young entrepreneurs who say no to this, and just how they followed their heart for their company, they will follow their heart in finding a significant other that brings a happiness that no startup, however successful, can ever give.
Not just anyone can fill this role though, they have to be quite special, so here are ten traits that every entrepreneur should look for when finding a significant other.

1. Empathetic

It’s called empathy. It’s hard for someone to be with an entrepreneur if they can’t understand the lifestyle in it’s entirety. Long nights of working, frugal spending, and barely enough energy to even be yourself are just some of the hardships they will have to deal with. It takes a great degree of selflessness at times, and only the best relationships can balance this out well.

2. Independent

As a busy entrepreneur, your significant other is going to need their own independence because face it, you aren’t going to be able to be there all the time. The best case scenario would be to find someone who is just as busy as you, someone who wants a relationship too but can’t find someone who can deal with their lack of time. It might even help if they were entrepreneurs themselves; take Jay Z and Beyonce for example, who obviously love each other, but are independent of each other.

3. Different

It might make sense that someone who is exactly like you would be the best fit to your busy life, but having someone who doesn’t think like you can be even better. You share trust, you confide in them, and they know you in ways no one else could- when you are faced with a problem, their unique perspective and different way of thinking might give you an insight that you could never have seen before.

4. Intelligent

Every entrepreneur should surround themselves with the smartest people they can find- this is even more important for your significant other. Could you ever imagine being with some airhead? What you really need is someone whose mind stimulates, refreshes, and surprises you from time to time. It’s not just for compatibility, but they should also be able to keep up with your pace and know enough to understand what you are working on.

5. Supportive

Every significant other offers support, but when they are with an entrepreneur, it means so much more. They need to care enough to be able to encourage your ideas, push you towards your goals, and stand by you during tough times. You know they are a “keeper” if they look out for you when you don’t have the time to take care of yourself.

6. Compassionate

All entrepreneurs will fail at some point- nothing is more comforting than having someone there to lend you emotional support. No matter if you are a male or female entrepreneur, ask yourself, how many people do you really have in your life that you can lean on when the stresses of work leave you vulnerable?

7. Secure

Being secure is a trait both partners will need when in a relationship with an entrepreneur. Not being able to spend enough time with each other is just something that comes with the territory unfortunately, but when both partners understand the circumstances and stay solid with each other, the relationship is sure to last.

8. Mature

Being mature means being considerate enough to be a positive influence. When your partner knows you have to meet a deadline and work on a Saturday night, they won’t entice you take a break, have a drink, or go out and party. They will respect what you have to do and keep your best interests in mind.

9. Forward Thinking

You might be a struggling entrepreneur right now, but you are defined by your successes. You’ll want a partner who can see you for the success you work every day for. Not only does this guarantee a partner who will stick by your side through thick and thin, but rooting for you will also encourage you to be the best you can be always.

10. Honest

Honesty is a must in any relationship, but this kind of honesty is about being straight forward. An entrepreneur frequently needs feedback- no one is better at that than someone who is very close to you and who is also not afraid to be brutally truthful. Whether it’s from customers or a significant other, honest feedback always leads to improvement.
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