You’re More Likely to Be Successful if You’re Born With These 5 Things

You’re More Likely to Be Successful if You’re Born With These 5 ThingsYou’re More Likely to Be Successful if You’re Born With These 5 Things
The advice on the internet in regards to how you can be successful is endless. We all know that there aren’t shortcuts in life when trying to achieve greatness. However, no matter what people say, luck is always a factor when it comes to winning in life. If you were born with the following five things, study shows that you’re more likely to be successful.

Born as the first child.

According to a study done by Feifei Bu at the Institute for Social and Economic Research in University of Essex, you’re statistically more likely to be the most ambitious and well-qualified compared to the rest of your family.
Here were the results of the study:
  • Firstborn children were 7% more likely to aspire to stay on in education than younger siblings.

  • Firstborn girls were 13% more ambitious than firstborn boys. (interesting twist here!)

  • Firstborns are 16% higher to attend higher education than their younger siblings.

  • Girls are 4% more likely to have further education qualifications.

You’re four years or more apart from your siblings.

In the same study mentioned above done by Feifei Bu at the University of Essex, it found that you’re more likely to have higher achieving children by leaving a gap of at least four years between each child. The bigger the gap between each children, the more likely your chances of having a higher achieving child.

A middle name.

According to a study done by Wijnand A.P. Van Tilburg of the University of Southampton and Eric R. Igou of the University of Limeric, “People’s middle initials have a particular and powerful effect on how people are perceived by others.” They say that “The display of middle initials increases the perceived social status of these people and positively biases inferences about their intellectual capacity and performance.”
In one study conducted by the duo, 85 students were asked to evaluate how well an article explaining Albert Einstein’s theory of general Relativity was written. The author of the texts were written as David Clark, David F. Clark, David F.P. Clark, or David F.P.R. Clark. Results found that David F. Clark was considered a better writer then when the middle initial was taken out.
What does this mean? Basically, having a middle name or initial makes you appear more credible and high-class. While there really isn’t any solid evidence proving why this is so, psychologist think that it’s because “high class” professionals like physicians, lawyers, and scientists often display their middle initials, which could lead people to associate middle initials with people with intellect.

An easy name to pronounce.

In a 2011 study done by researchers Simon Laham of the University of Melbourne, Adam Alter of New York University Stern School of Business, and Peter Koval of the University of Leuven, Belgium, they found that people with easy-to-pronounce names were more favored over others. What’s interesting is that when they look at 500 U.S. lawyers with the easier pronounceable names had excelled far faster and held more senior positions.


It’s no secret that beautiful people have it easier in life. Studies show that attractive people have a huge edge in the workplace, including getting hired faster, better pay, and quicker promotions. Why you ask? According to Dario Maestripieri, a professor of comparative human development, evolutionary biology, and neurobiology at the University of Chicago:

“Good-looking people are more appealing as potential sex partners,” Maestripieri says, “and [so] other people choose to interact with them, to spend time near them, talk with them, buy insurance from them, and hire them as employees.”

But that’s not the only possible reasons, according to Daniel Hamermesh, author of the book “Beauty Pays: Why Attractive People Are More Successful,” attractive people possess more self-confidence and personalities that attract other people. This helps them get remembered and be seen in a more positive light.
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