Kezia Noble: World’s #1 Female Pick-up Coach Talks Seduction and Business

For many male entrepreneurs, its almost easier to grow a successful company than it is to walk up to a pretty woman, strike up a charming conversation, and get her number to ask her out. It sounds ridiculous, but even the most successful guys are powerless to their nerves. For those guys who have everything except for confidence in the game, there’s Kezia Noble.

Hailing from the UK, Kezia is regarded as the world’s best female pick-up artist. The fact that she’s a woman gives her an exclusively honest insight in directing men how to step up their game and become players. What’s her secret? Her direct and unapologetic attitude that enables her to tell it like it is. Like a true entrepreneur, Kezia built her company from the ground up; she now trains certified teams of pick-up artists all around the English speaking world and runs boot camps teaching men to master the art of seduction. She spoke to us of the importance of business expansion as she is now poised to take her business to international heights.
We had the pleasure of catching up with Kezia over coffee in the stylish lobby of the Mr. C Hotel in Beverly Hills.  She was true to her direct nature when we were interrupted multiple times by an obnoxiously loud MSNBC political contributor (who will remain nameless) that found herself inebriated at the hotel bar- it wasn’t even noon yet. In between Kezia’s hilarious and honest commentary over the interruptions, we talked about her growing business, how you can use seduction in business, and of course, a few tips for busy men on playing the pick-up game. Watch our interview with Kezia below:

We arrived at the Mr.C Hotel shortly after 11;00 that morning to meet with Kezia in the hotel lobby. I won’t lie, I was a bit intimidated going in, I mean, this woman probably knows her way around a guy’s head better than I do. Having stayed up the night before to read and watch every blog post she’s ever made, I walked in as prepared as I could be. Upon meeting Kezia, I could immediately sense that she was a woman with a very strong, no bullsh*t, business personality, so we settled with our coffees and got straight to the interview.
We started by talking about Kezia’s background and why she’s so good at what she does. It became  apparent from her answer that it takes a strong and honest woman to really set a guy straight, and not just for the pick-up game, but for anything really.  So I asked her what it is about women that most guys just don’t understand:

“I believe that guys are really frightened of women. They are frightened because they don’t understand what they want. Women always have a type, it’s normal, and men have a type also, but what I teach guys is that game will outmatch type every time.”

So then how do you start playing the game? I asked her about the most memorable pick-up line a guy has ever used on her. Her answer was surprising, but also surprisingly clear. She told us about this guy who used the cheesiest pick-up line on her, but drew it out with humour. She explained that even the best pick-up line doesn’t matter, it’s what happens after that seals the deal.

“That’s make or break because apart from that one time, I can’t remember what all the guys said to me. I can’t remember their opening lines, it’s immaterial. It’s what comes after that’s everything.”

For a woman whose business it is to teach men how to pick-up women, I wanted to know a little more about the real woman behind the business. Looking for something personal, I asked her about love and heartbreak to which she told us about her recent breakup with a long-term boyfriend.

“I would say this is the first time I’ve experienced it at the ripe old age of 29, so I’m lucky I’ve only had it once. I think it’s very important to have been loved and to have been in love than to not have ever experienced it at all.”

Heartbreak isn’t something you can hide easily; you can almost always see it in the eyes. I asked her how hard it would be for her, someone who has turned helping others hook-up into a business and art, to get over heartbreak. “I think the key is to be proactive… It’s a bitter pill to swallow, but it’s something you have to do.”
We switched gears from there back to business. I asked Kezia about the relation between the art of seduction and business. I learned that if you are indeed a master pick-up artist, you probably have the right brain for business too; it’s all about marketing as Kezia explained:

“I say to guys, “Look, you have a three minute commercial, what are you going to do? How are you going to market yourself?” I think that’s a lot to do with business, how you’re marketing yourself, what does your brand say to people, so yeah, there’s definitely that element which can be applied within business.”

When we got to talking about the lifestyle of a busy entrepreneur, I asked Kezia for some tips on how busy professionals and entrepreneurs can balance business and dating. “I have a rule which I stick by and that is always replace short term greed with long term greed.” It’s really a mentality that you have to adopt, to give up the attractive immediate prize for a greater long-term investment. “You want to expand and have more time to invest in other projects and maybe start up new ventures.” For many, their business IS their life, but by bringing in more brains you can manage, you allow yourself more time for other tasks; you sacrifice the larger piece of the pie for more time to actually live and focus on your relationships.
As we wrapped up our interview with Kezia, we talked about the future of business where expansion was indeed the core goal. Kezia spoke about expanding her services on an international scale, trying her hand at teaching the BRIC countries about the pick-up game as well as starting a TV show to bring it mainstream. Out of curiousity I asked her about the differences in the pick-up game between all the countries she’s been to. It turns out that, “The big difference actually is between America and Europe, so especially the West Coast, people in America tend to be a lot more socially confident. They can just go up and start a conversation with somebody, it’s almost in their makeup…” An interesting point, but not surprising; it definitely fits within the arrogant, open, and painfully casual way Americans go about things.
Finishing up our coffees, we thanked Kezia for the interview. It’s not every day you get to meet the world’s best female pick-up coach and walk away with more game than you came in with.
Want to improve your pick-up game? Check out Kezia’s website, FacebookTwitter and YouTube.
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