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Apple shares Korean martial arts fantasy film shot on iPhone 13 Pro by ‘Oldboy’ director Park Chan-wook

iPhone Korean film
  • “Life is But a Dream,” a South Korean martial arts fantasy short film, is the latest installment in Apple’s “Shot on iPhone” ad campaign.
  • It was written and directed by internationally renowned South Korean director Park Chan-wook and filmed on an iPhone 13 Pro.
  • The short film follows the story of an undertaker who digs up an abandoned grave to build a coffin for his village’s hero. He accidentally awakens the ghost of a powerful swordsman keen on defending his grave.

South Korean martial arts short film “Life is But a Dream” is the latest installment in Apple’s “Shot on iPhone” ad campaign.

The 21-minute long film, commissioned by Apple and shot on an iPhone 13 Pro, was written and directed by the internationally renowned South Korean director Park Chan-wook, who is known for his 2016 film “The Handmaiden” and his 2003 film “Oldboy.”

International Students Allegedly Scammed Apple Out of Almost $1 Million With Chinese ‘iPhones’


Two college students from Oregon are facing a criminal complaint from Apple after allegedly using thousands of counterfeit iPhones from China to cheat the company out of nearly $1 million.

Zhou Yangyang and Jiang Quan are accused of sending the company fake devices to be replaced with brand-new genuine models, South China Morning Post reports.

Japanese Inventor Creates the Most Disturbing iPhone Charger That Costs $5,600

A Japanese inventor once created an iPhone charger that made a lot of people on the internet shout WTF because of its incredibly disturbing design that looks like a pulsating umbilical chord.

This iPhone charger, which by the way nobody asked for, was designed by the inventor as “social commentary on the growing dependence over smart phones,” according to Mashable.

Instagrammer Implies the iPhone X is Too Expensive and Complicated for Indians to Use

Travel Instagrammer @mindbodycolleen is under fire for saying many Indian people don’t have an iPhone and that they wouldn’t know how to use the latest iPhone X model.

The account is run by Colleen Grady, a model from Indianapolis, Indiana. The now-deleted post which has been widely shared on Facebook shows @mindbodycolleen, who lost her “sleek, expensive, 5-month-old iPhone X” on the streets of Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan, India.

Malaysian Man Who ‘Lost’ His iPhone Every Year for 5 Years A‌rre‌ste‌d By P‌oli‌c‌e

phone scam

A Malaysian man who suspiciously ‘loses’ his iPhone every year was recently ar‌res‌t‌ed after local aut‌hor‌itie‌s uncovered his fraud‌ulent money-making scheme.

The 34-year-old marketing manager from Bukit Mertajam in Penang had reportedly been making false p‌oli‌ce reports that his iPhone gets ‘st‌ole‌n’ to claim insurance money.

According to Free Malaysia Today, the unnamed suspect has been filing his fake complaints since 2013. His most recent attempt got the attention of inve‌stig‌ators on Saturday.

Toddler Playing With Mom’s iPhone Accidentally Locks It For 47 Years

A mother from Shanghai, China, had the most shocking iPhone experience after her 2-year-old son accidentally locked it for nearly half a century while playing with the lock screen.

According to Chinese media outlet Kankanews via South China Morning Post, the woman, identified only by her surname Lu, gave the phone to her son back in January so he could watch educational videos on it.