Thai Girl Finds Missing iPhone on Stranger, He Casually Admits He’s Trying to Steal it

Thai Girl Finds Missing iPhone on Stranger, He Casually Admits He’s Trying to Steal it
Ryan General
By Ryan General
September 27, 2016
A Thai woman discovered a surprising scene after she tracked her sister’s missing  iPhone 6. She found the smartphone in the hands of a dude who casually admitted he was trying to steal it.
On Saturday, Napichaya Noisong shared the story via her Facebook post that her sister reportedly forgot her iPhone 6 at an arcade in a shopping center in Pattaya, Thailand, according to Kapook (via Coconuts Bangkok).
Using the Find My iPhone app to locate the missing phone, she discovered that the phone was no longer in the mall. She tried calling the phone, but the calls were left unanswered.
Napichaya would later discover that someone had carried it around, visiting different tech stores in an attempt to unlock the phone and claim ownership on it.
She then followed the trail of the missing iPhone until the tracking stopped, a sign that the phone had been turned off. Proceeding to look around the proximity, she discovered a man standing outside a mobile tech store with a woman. She then immediately spotted her sister’s phone in his hands.
Napichaya approached the guy and confronted him about it. His response however, surprised her. Instead of returning the phone right away, he casually told her that he was planning to keep it himself.
“Why were you going around to mobile phone stores then?” she asked. “Well, I found it, so of course I was gonna use it. I found it!” he said comfortably. “I was trying to unlock it!”
She tried to question him further on why he would not answer her calls but he just cut her off, and then said,“Okay, just take your phone back then.”
Before leaving on his motorcycle, he even had the gall to give her an advice.
“Don’t forget it next time! If you forget it, of course it’ll go missing,” he said.
Going through the stores the guy visited, Napichaya found out that he was claiming that the phone was his own and was asking the stores to unlock it for him.
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