Chinese Company is Willing to Fire Employees With an iPhone 7

Chinese Company is Willing to Fire Employees With an iPhone 7
Ryan General
By Ryan General
September 23, 2016
September 18th must have been a sad day for Apple fans working for one company in Nanyang City, 
According to the memo, workers who will be caught using the latest Apple handset models are going to be forced to file their resignations, reports
The policy stated: “If you have so much money to buy the new Apple phone, you’d better spend your money to benefit the health of your parents and children. Do not work for such luxurious goods.”
The initiative reportedly aims to encourage the company’s workers to purchase Chinese products and support the local economy. The company also sees that such implementation will help the employees care more about life’s other pleasures and focus more on family and work.
Even the date of the announcement has its significance. September 18, 2016 was the 85th anniversary of the staged explosion in the Manchurian city of Mukden (Shenyang) called the Manchurian Incident or “Jiu Yiba Shibian” (九一八事变). The fake blast provided a reason for Japan to invade northeast China in 1931.
Shanghaiist reported that the company’s iPhone 7 ban even made the rounds on Weibo and became a trending topic on the site, with many netizens providing their own take on the matter.
Some users expressed their support for the ban, and reiterating the urge for others to also support Chinese products. Others, on the other hand,  found the policy unwise. One netizen even commented that, “resisting idiots is more important than resisting foreign goods.”
A similar call for boycott on Apple products was heard earlier this year among Chinese “patriots” and some local companies after the ruling on South China Sea was released in June.
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