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Woman Details Chilling S‌exu‌al Har‌a‌ss‌m‌ent Encounter With IKEA Employee in Amsterdam

A woman who left the U.S. to fulfill her 20-year-long dream of living in Europe allegedly became the helpless victim of se‌‌x‌‌u‌‌a‌l har‌ass‌me‌nt just three days after she moved to the Netherlands.

Stephanie Soong, originally from San Francisco, recalled the events of the chilling encounter in a Facebook post on June 12. She was receiving heavy pieces of furniture from a four-man team of IKEA employees in her new Amsterdam home.

Someone Secretly Filmed an Entire ‘Soap Opera’ at IKEA Years Ago and it’s Magnificent

IKEA Heights” had all the trappings of a typical soap opera: romance, intrigue, mystery, some eerie plot-twists, and a trippy intro reminiscent of those 90s era shows.

But while this seven-episode gem of a series is merely a spoof of the genre, it deserves more love than it received when it first came out and went kind of viral back in 2009.

Napping IKEA Customers Receive a Rude Awakening By Prankster Chinese Vloggers

Some customers in China have been observed to taking naps and spending whole afternoons relaxing in the display beds and couches inside Ikea stores, prompting one vlogger to take action on the bad behavior.

The popular Swedish furniture brand tried to implement a store-wide ban on couch-hoarding customers in 2015, but to no avail; images of shoppers enjoying the display furniture way too much were already viral on social media.

Chinese Couple Busted After Trying to Livestream ‘Sleepover’ at IKEA Store

We’ve seen Chinese girls live-stream themselves while dancing on busy streets and on top of toilets. It’s a popular and sometimes very lucrative activity, especially if there’s a chance to earn up to $20,000 a month.

This time, one pair in Beijing hoped to join the club by streaming a “sleepover” episode. While their idea seemed pretty decent, the location they chose said otherwise.

Shanghai’s IKEA Tries to Stop Elderly People from Freeloading All Day in Their Cafe

Chinese customers have long been using IKEA’s spacious stores like they’re some kind of an indoor, air-conditioned park with furniture. Non-buying loiterers would often be seen napping on the beds, chatting about, or just generally hanging out on the display couches.

Recently, a group of elderly Shanghai folks have taken this unique phenomenon to a whole new level of brazen behavior, JF Daily reported (via Quartz).

China is Still Selling Dangerous IKEA Furniture That Was Recalled in North America

Following related deaths of six children, IKEA recalled over 30 million chests and dressers in North America. However, the furniture in question is still being sold in China for one lawful (and awful) reason.

The recalled furniture failed to comply with safety standards of the United States, but as it turns out, they are acceptable under China’s terms. Chinese IKEA stores can continue selling the furniture without legal question. According to Shanghaiist, many expressed that the country’s standards are too low.