Chinese People in Beijing Are Taking Naps at IKEA to Escape Summer Heat

Chinese People in Beijing Are Taking Naps at IKEA to Escape Summer Heat
Ryan General
June 24, 2016
With temperatures rising in the Chinese capital Beijing, citizens have found a peculiar place to hang out and keep themselves cool: IKEA Beijing stores.
Taking advantage of the home furnishing store’s air conditioning system and cozy furniture, people are seen getting way too comfortable inside the cool showrooms, according to Huanqiu, (via the Daily Mail).
It has become the norm for some people to head to big stores to keep cool, particularly those who can’t afford air conditioning at home. Last year, the queue for the space on a sofa beside the air conditioning was so bad that the company actually had to ban sleeping in its stores nationwide. Apparently, the ban is not being effectively enforced.
Photos of people sleeping (usually with their shoes on) on display sofas and “for sale” beds have circulated online.
The latest images taken on June 21, show a variety of folks seeking relief from the heat outside in the mock rooms, occupying almost every bed on display. They also help themselves with the bedding for maximum comfort.
With the heatwave projected to continue to rise up to 98 degrees Fahrenheit by the end of the weekend and even higher in the coming months, more patrons are expected to flock IKEA Beijing stores.
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