Taiwanese YouTuber Breaks Into IKEA To Spend the Night and Get Naked

Taiwanese YouTuber Breaks Into IKEA To Spend the Night and Get NakedTaiwanese YouTuber Breaks Into IKEA To Spend the Night and Get Naked
Bryan Ke
November 5, 2019
A Taiwanese YouTuber has been charged with indecent conduct and unlawful entry for reportedly spending the night at IKEA in Taiwan and pretending to take a shower naked inside the store.
Max Lee broke into the Sinjhuang branch IKEA on Oct. 28, according to Taipei Times.
The YouTuber, who is known for recording pranks and posting them online, took videos of himself during the unauthorized overnight stay at the furniture store.
On Oct. 31, Lee posted a video on YouTube titled “24Hour Challenge – Overnight Inside IKEA” where he can be seen walking on some furniture.
Screenshot via YouTube / 黑色豪門企業3.0
Lee also took off his clothes and pretended to take a bath, a seat on an IKEA toilet, and pretended to masturbate while in front of a computer display.
Screenshot via YouTube / 黑色豪門企業3.0
The YouTuber tried to leave the store by pretending to be an early shopper, but an employee informed him that the store had not yet opened and was directed out of the building.
After leaving the branch, Lee proclaimed he had “successfully completed the mission.”
Screenshot via YouTube / 黑色豪門企業3.0
The video went viral and many internet users criticized Lee for his behavior. One of the comments said his actions could cause someone else’s job.
Screenshot via YouTube / 黑色豪門企業3.0
The store manager, only identified by his surname Wang, called the police and filed charges against Lee on Thursday afternoon, Vice reported.
Lee was summoned by the police on Nov. 1 for a statement and apologized for what he did. He also removed the video from all of his online accounts.
Lee said his father, Lee Hsing-wen, who is known for his portrayal of military personnel in a Taiwanese TV series, was not happy about what happened.
The Sinjhuang police precinct is now investigating the case.
Images Screenshot via YouTube / 黑色豪門企業3.0
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