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Chinese Harvard student decides ‘not to learn English anymore’

  • A Chinese Harvard student has gone viral after sharing a video where she explains why she has decided to “stop trying to learn English.”
  • The video was uploaded as an assignment for her Language and Equity course.
  • The 24-year-old student explained that she did not feel satisfied throughout her 20-year journey of learning English.
  • Rather than pursuing English to secure a sense of belonging, the student is determined to use it as a “tool” instead.

A video of a Chinese Harvard student explaining why she has decided to “stop trying to learn English” has gone viral on Bilibili.

In the video uploaded on Thursday, 24-year-old Tatala shared her reasons behind why she no longer wishes to learn English. The video was submitted as an assignment for a Harvard Language and Equity course.

‘Sounds cooler in English’: South Korean president’s unnecessary mixing of languages annoys citizens

  • South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol’s “unnecessary” use and praise of English has some citizens alleging he has a “complex.”
  • Yoon has been heard using English terms on several occasions, even when the events did not call for a mixing of languages.
  • In a meeting on June 10, the president stated that “When you say ‘National Memorial Park’ in English, it sounds cool, but when you say ‘Gukrip Chumo Gongwon,’” referring to the Korean equivalent of the name, “it doesn’t.”
  • A representative from Yoon’s main opposition party told viewers on a radio show that Yoon appears to have “some sort of complex about English.”
  • The Sejong Institute of Korean Language and Culture Director Kim Seul-ong also argued that the president had a responsibility as the country’s leader to speak in a way that is most accessible to the public.

South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol’s “unnecessary” use and praise of English has some citizens alleging he has a “complex.”  

Yoon has been heard using English terms on several occasions, even when the events did not call for a mixing of languages.

Malaysian Teen Wins English-Speaking Competition in China

English speaking

Nicol Yong Jia Jia, a teenager from Malaysia, has won the Belt and Road Youth English Speaking Competition and the China Daily ‘21st Century Cup’ International English Speaking Competition held in eastern China last weekend.

The event, which was held in Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang province, China was organized by the state-run media China Daily, Hangzhou Municipal Government and the English-Speaking Union (ESU).

Instagrammer Implies the iPhone X is Too Expensive and Complicated for Indians to Use

Travel Instagrammer @mindbodycolleen is under fire for saying many Indian people don’t have an iPhone and that they wouldn’t know how to use the latest iPhone X model.

The account is run by Colleen Grady, a model from Indianapolis, Indiana. The now-deleted post which has been widely shared on Facebook shows @mindbodycolleen, who lost her “sleek, expensive, 5-month-old iPhone X” on the streets of Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan, India.

Singaporean Man Telling Chinese Worker to ‘Go Back to Your Country’ Goes Viral Again

A video of a Singaporean man berating a Chinese woman working at a food court for not being able to speak English has resurfaced and been making the rounds on the internet.

The video was originally uploaded to YouTube in 2014 but was only recently shared on the Singapore Peasant Facebook page on June 13, and has since garnered more than 124,000 views and 1,400 shares.

Taiwanese School Sparks Outrage for Saying It’s Not Hiring ‘Black or Dark-Skinned’ Teachers

A job ad from a popular private kindergarten in Taiwan is making the rounds on social media for its controversial content indicating that it would not hire “black or dark-skinned” English teachers.

Posted on a Facebook page “Substitute Teachers Needed in Taipei (City/County)” on Monday (June 11), the ad for substitute English teachers was created by an employee from Kang Chiao Kindergarten.

Why You’re an Idiot If You Think People Should Only Speak English in America

In the wake of rampant and terrifyingly blatant racism that transports us into an alternate reality stuck in the previous century or older, we become curious of socio-cultural events that would somehow explain the roots of such idiocy.

For starters, the least one can do is get facts straight, so that in the unfortunate happenstance that another idiot forces someone to speak a language because of where his/her feet are, one hell of a schooling session can break loose.

China Releases Official English Translations For People Who Keep Using ‘Chinglish’

China just issued official translations for 3,500 Chinese phrases to keep clueless foreigners from “mispronouncing” certain words, notably the terminologies used in Chinese cuisine.

Earlier in 2017, the Chinese government deemed “Chinglish” (odd Chinese translations into English) to be damaging to “the country’s image.” According to state-run People’s Daily (via South China Morning Post), its use poses challenges for the “development of a multilingual society” and causes social issues.